Come to Me and Find Your Peace

Peace be with you Mine children of this earth...

Always have I been with you .. even from the beginnings of your existence. Mine Spirit continues to feed the hungry souls of the world. I guide thee. I stimulate the higher impulses of your personhood. I ignite thine search for Absolute Objectivity.

Come to Me by inviting the Spirit of My Comforter surrounding you. I walk with you .. one with the Father Son Spirit.

Mine yoke is a direct discipleship with Me which raises your life purpose .. and shows you the Father's way and approach to his eternal freedom.

All ye who feel the burden of the world upon your shoulders .. come .. come .. come .. to Me. I will offer you My faith confidence and trustworthy convictions. I will propel you into character righteousness and a significance of religious relationship with the Universal Father whose spirit lives in you; and I am one with him.

Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation