Truth is Holy as Ye Are

Truth .. which is the unwavering and unchanging Security and Stability of the Heavens .. lives in every man and woman's life .. and yet .. can never be claimed and possessed by the personality unless their powers of righteousness are unearthed and exercised in each moment's opportunity.

The advancement of this pure faith relationship with the Universal Spirit who lives and dwells in thine midst .. brings all mortal thoughts and genuine feelings into a new order .. a renewal of faith trust in the goodness of the Universal Father’s Kingdom.

Wisdom and Illumination spread their aromas ..  ethics and conscience abound .. and the meanings and purposes of eternity are elevated and clarified in the life of such courageous personalities.

My Ideal .. which I bring for you each from the Second Center and Divinity Source shall provide an unconditional love for God the First and only Father. It's heroic precepts of practical applicability .. shall develop justly as you choose the higher choice.

Morality shall arise in thee .. and become the overarching divine influence refining thine individual personhood unto the greater heights of the maturing soul mind who thirsts for developing righteousness and the reality of God our Parenthood.

Impinged with the ointment of divine oxygen .. the balm of bettering thine existence .. the  sincere reflective contemplation of considering Our Knowledge .. thine personality soul shall unearth itself from the many eons of its materializing battles with subjectivity and selfishness. 

Ye shall enter the universal domain of the limitless arena of the Absolute.

A man and woman of this undying and unmoveable faith begin to transmute their respective human mortal urges .. and the urgencies of emotional reactivity are brought into Our Peace .. and a life of Perfecting Prosperity blossoms in your unfoldment.

Trauma disappears .. lack of satiety dissolves .. and these are wholeheartedly resurrected and  replaced with Tranquility.

The almost never-ending crisis of your reactive  emotions which have been continually pushed and pulled by the misqualification of error .. these perturbations of consciousness cease to exist any longer for the individual of far reaching faith and reciprocal spiritual relationship with the Infinite Persons of the One Deity.

Now .. are ye walking with Me in the most profound purpise and the strengthening sublimity of hope. All truth through thine acquisitions of fostering this kindly faith are predicated on the simplicity of Our surrender .. and the deeply profound reflections upon the eternity of our creative Center and Source who has always been in existence .. and is the very Existence Itself.

Inquiry of the sincerest self perceptions which is intent upon guiding thineself into righteousness and respect .. rectitude and responsibility .. remembrance and receptivity .. this is your anvil necessary to shape the densities which are as the precious metals of the world .. thine mortal excursions .. into Our divine destiny together wherein Universal Citizenship cometh quickly.

Thine human freewill shall be as an ever-strengthening plowshare which tills the soil and plants the seeds of self-denial and relationship with the Infinite.

Thine existence .. and it's misqualified mirth and near endless mortal maneuverings becometh thine manifestations of mastery.

These daily kingdom exercises of your consciousness .. the eightfold endowment of eternity .. generate in you Our new order for humanity to ascend into.

To understand thyself and accept thine mortal countenance and the imperfect ways of human evolutionary experience .. this is the joy of the Father's Life truly exercising His prerogatives of bringing to you His Perfection.

I walk within thee and interpenetrating thine heart, mind, and ephemeral body .. surrounding thine body and breath with My uncompromising divinity .. My moral fibers of His consciousness .. and the unfathomable force of thine intended Victory in the Universal Father who is Absolute and desirous of your Everlasting Union with Him. 

Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation
The Epochal Revelation of the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter of Michael Of Nebadon


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