Thine Eternal Everlasting Emergence

Verily .. the spirit virtues of the Infinite Mother Spirit impress upon thee capacities for intellectual emancipation and soul emergence  from the merely mortal and mechanical mind of materiality.

Her spirit virtue of intuition builds the capacity in you to mature the perceptual tendencies of thought into direct thinking and knowing.

Thine natural and organic material mindedness matures into heightened instinctual responses giving you directional capabilities.

The spirit virtue of understanding clarifies your coordinating impulses allowing the free association of ideas to become experience; to amend and adjust and to make personal the infinite absolutes into finitely quantifiable knowledge which is personal .. experiential ..  and ever useful.

The spirit virtue of courage is that inward divine impetus for fellowship and fidelity .. loyalty towards your brothers and sisters.

The courage virtue is the ever potent root of moral acquirement and character growth .. and the willingness to confront thyself with acceptance and unconditional loving.

It grows in you thine urge to become the self directive governor of your personal world .. the taking on of what I may call the accountability of authorship.

Then there is the virtue of the spirit of knowledge which is the development of that mindal urge to discover and to advance thine discoveries into those appropriately designed directions leading to your growth and spiritual fulfillment attainment.

The spirit virtue of counsel comes next within the context of these unfolding acquirements. It is that harmonious urge and willingness to orchestrate together with thine colleagues; that instinctual socializing development which opens thee to the brotherhood of humankind .. to mutuality of sharing .. and to the collegial atmosphere of Salvington. 

Now .. are you the developing personality mind which is geared for the religious relationship and the reciprocal divine affections with the Life of God thou art .. to become in consciousness and factuality the emerging soul personhood who craves our absoluteness of ascendancy.

The spirit virtue of worship weaves into the material mind the higher urges of the religious revelation .. organically furthering the Father's Initiatory Life in thee.

This defining spirit virtue carries the originating material mind clear beyond the boundaries of mechanical materiality and relativistic thought. It opens mind towards it's nourishment within the absolutes .. the abstracts of our association of Infinity.

You are now traversing the byways of faithless thinkings and material bindings .. and are thus .. able to aspire into the heavens of the soul's relationship with the Universal and Eternal Parenthood.

Finally .. the spirit virtue of wisdom is the great coordinating facilitator of each one of these spirit virtues. It gravitates mind and its facilitator of personality towards seeking truth .. craving righteousness .. hungering for order and progressive evolutionary attainment .. in order to capture for itself that blending of all seven cardinal spirit virtues .. and to naturally propel the personality mind into its necessary transmutation of all these divinely encircuited impulses into the God Urge.

The spirit virtue of wisdom is the inward mind urge to actualize mind and matter into soul and spirit.

It is that fulcrum of initiation in the evolutionary life of material mind which coordinates the personality mind into a field of receptivity and respect .. responsibility and the birthing of deep remembrance of the intended plan of progression; the art of ascendancy within Our association together.

It is during this advent of mind development wherein the personality is urged into Holy Spirit heroisms. The personhood has matured in its capacity for truth and ascendancy .. the natural healthy and progressive revelation furthers it's aims as mind and soul and personality unite in an added value .. and almost a new order of human being.

The seeker of Truth and Maturity emerge. The mind soul becomes the receptacle of all developing urges for growth beyond concrete material thought into the realms of abstract thought .. direct perception .. insightful spirit leadings .. and divinity attainments.

Spiritual survival for the blossomung and maturing personality births forth through this advancement of the soul’s attitudes of ascendancy and its advancing acquirements into the fulfilling ingredients of inquisitive moral development and divine resurgence.

You are then blossoming into Seekers of Absoluteness. Aspirants of Advancement.  Disciples of the Divine Discovery.

I am come to grow thee experientially into those intended and uniquely created personalizations of the Father's divinity selfhood. have you raised and refined .. lifted and lightened .. matured and mastered .. into your divine destiny.

I come with the vast universal host .. it's endowment of eternity .. and to bear thee a  witness of humankind emerging into gods and goddesses .. becoming birthed out from the developing fetus of the mother's womb of ephemerality.

I am thine Creator Father Son with the Infinite Mother Spirit and the Planetary Host. Nay .. even cometh with Us are vast legions of your brothers and sisters from the manifold worlds of this universe .. to illuminate thine wayward  approach into the childlike wonders of a pure  willingness for you each to establish thine place within our universal civilization. All thine humanly qualified potentialities shall be quickened into their emergence into Actuality.

...the actualization of our ascendancy together.

Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation

The Epochal Revelation of the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter of Michael Of Nebadon