Arise Mine Children into Righteousness

God's Kingdom is His OmniPresence. Truly .. you are actualizing His Kingdom as ye factualize thine Godhood in Him; as ye refine and resurrect thineself into His Holy Presence.

All power and authority reside in His Kingdom.  All intelligence and peace have their roots in the Kingdom of Heaven. His Kingdom is thine destiny.  It is thine destination to become arrived in and as.

As you discover His peace and clarity .. purpose and meaning .. then are you ventured forth into this One Kingdom.

Until you are experiencing consistently these qualities of the Heavenly Father .. then you are refusing to give your acknowledgement and acceptance of this Kingdom of His Life.

First ye cooperate with the Plan of Salvation which I do bring forth to permanently free you of the influences of overmaterialization. Then you collaborate with the Father’s Spirit of Bestowal in outpicturing your lifetime plan. Thine lifetime plan affords you the opportunities to transfigure the misqualification. Only then shall ye fulfill the law of harmony with the Spirit of God.

As you fulfill the law through the daily transfiguring of all imperfect manifestations and qualities and conditions .. then shall ye experience God's Will which is His Love and Peace.

Ye shall be recreating thyself into the new order of human being which is eternalized .. divinized .. spiritualized .. and becometh reordered into His Personalization.

As you vacillate from this divinely inspired purpose in you .. this intended design for the human life to traverse its boundaries of discontent and dissatisfactions .. then you will never find peace and joy. When you are not in His peace it is simply because you do not yet believe that you are in Him as an unfolding son and daughter.

I am Michael Of Nebadon .. of the Father Son Personified .. one with the Infinite Mother Spirit and the Planetary Host.  I come to gather those personalities who have made themselves worthy of our association together; to walk with Me into the said Kingdom of all righteousness and honor.

Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation


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