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Salvation Cometh in its Gradual Achievements

Mine faith directs thee to your human salvation, and to the renewals of mind, body, and soul in the mortal attainment of your universe advancement. It gives to all seekers, aspirants, and disciples of the graduating ceremony:
1. Salvation from material fetters in the personal realization of sonship with God, who is spirit. 2. Salvation from intellectual bondage: man shall know the truth, and the truth shall set him free. 3. Salvation from spiritual blindness, the human realization of the fraternity of mortal beings, and the soul awareness of the brotherhood of all universe creatures; the service-discovery of spiritual reality and the ministry-revelation of the goodness of spirit values. 4. Salvation from incompleteness of self through the attainment of the spirit levels of the universe and through the eventual realization of the harmony of Havona and the perfection of Paradise. 5. Salvation from self, deliverance from the limitations of self-consciousness through the attainment of the cosm…

Thine Eternal Everlasting Emergence

Verily .. the spirit virtues of the Infinite Mother Spirit impress upon thee capacities for intellectual emancipation and soul emergence  from the merely mortal and mechanical mind of materiality.Her spirit virtue of intuition builds the capacity in you to mature the perceptual tendencies of thought into direct thinking and knowing.Thine natural and organic material mindedness matures into heightened instinctual responses giving you directional capabilities.The spirit virtue of understanding clarifies your coordinating impulses allowing the free association of ideas to become experience; to amend and adjust and to make personal the infinite absolutes into finitely quantifiable knowledge which is personal .. experiential ..  and ever useful.The spirit virtue of courage is that inward divine impetus for fellowship and fidelity .. loyalty towards your brothers and sisters. The courage virtue is the ever potent root of moral acquirement and character growth .. and the willingness to confr…

Arise Mine Children into Righteousness

God's Kingdom is His OmniPresence. Truly .. you are actualizing His Kingdom as ye factualize thine Godhood in Him; as ye refine and resurrect thineself into His Holy Presence. All power and authority reside in His Kingdom.  All intelligence and peace have their roots in the Kingdom of Heaven. His Kingdom is thine destiny.  It is thine destination to become arrived in and as.As you discover His peace and clarity .. purpose and meaning .. then are you ventured forth into this One Kingdom. Until you are experiencing consistently these qualities of the Heavenly Father .. then you are refusing to give your acknowledgement and acceptance of this Kingdom of His Life.First ye cooperate with the Plan of Salvation which I do bring forth to permanently free you of the influences of overmaterialization. Then you collaborate with the Father’s Spirit of Bestowal in outpicturing your lifetime plan. Thine lifetime plan affords you the opportunities to transfigure the misqualification. Only then s…

Truth is Holy as Ye Are

Truth .. which is the unwavering and unchanging Security and Stability of the Heavens .. lives in every man and woman's life .. and yet .. can never be claimed and possessed by the personality unless their powers of righteousness are unearthed and exercised in each moment's opportunity.

The advancement of this pure faith relationship with the Universal Spirit who lives and dwells in thine midst .. brings all mortal thoughts and genuine feelings into a new order .. a renewal of faith trust in the goodness of the Universal Father’s Kingdom.

Wisdom and Illumination spread their aromas ..  ethics and conscience abound .. and the meanings and purposes of eternity are elevated and clarified in the life of such courageous personalities.

My Ideal .. which I bring for you each from the Second Center and Divinity Source shall provide an unconditional love for God the First and only Father. It's heroic precepts of practical applicability .. shall develop justly as you choose the hi…