Thine personality soul is a divine magnet in the power of its vibratory activities. Thine God  Endowment Trust of free will gives the powerful responsibility to choose how ye shall  make use of the Mastery of the M's of Manifestation.

Focus upon these three M's of Mastery.

1. Magnify in focused thoughtful attention your chosen desires and amplify in how you are living each day what ye want more of.

A rightfully aligned demand must be given in order for the supply to follow.

2. Momentumize in mind those good, beautiful, and truthful momentums which take you to the attainment of your chosen goals.

Then .. call forth all those hidden misqualified momentums of energy which have been obstructing your attainment.

Embrace the misqualifications which you are discovering. Through the ownership of thine creative responsibilities of authorship you take back your power from those misqualified effects .. and by lovingly accepting you are the creator of every obstruction to your prosperity .. unconditionally embrace the misqualified conditions of these energy qualities in your field of consciousness.

3. Magnetize the forces of the universes to bring to you all that ye desire which is within the appropriate plan for your individual lifetimes.

These are the ways of bringing forth anything and everything for thine highest benevolence .. thine greatest good and thine eternal  wisdom.

Whether ye shall seek to manifest thine consciousness of divinity, the material substances necessary to live your life in the world of the flesh garment .. or both at the very same time .. these are the very same techniques available to everyone and at all times.

Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation


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