Ye Do Come into our Association Of Ascendancy

Ye do come unto me saying, Michael, use us for thy glory .. allow us to serve with thee. I do take my notes in mind .. and often I reply .. that your purest desires become thine revelation and receptivity flourishes in those who acquaint themselves with our Universal Protocol and Ideal.

... thine most refined desires become for you the wind behind thee carrying you to heights of service and selflessness. These states of your virtue do honor us and work in your benefit as My service within our universe.

For always and forever .. it is Love that hath brought thee forth into existence .. made you what you are .. Love hath placed you where you are in the creation .. and Love hath decreed thine roles and fortunes .. thine positions of service and receptivity .. thine momentums rejuvenated with the purest of desires .. serve by actualizing thine hidden and sleeping Godhood. Sleeping from its birth into human existence.  Sleeping until ye are desirous to bring Him forth into fullest grandeur and actualization.

I bid thee .. all will be well in thine world as ye seek the Kingdom's expression and expansion.

Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation