Trinity Endowment Trust of Paradise

I say unto thee .. burgeoning sons and daughters of respect,  responsibility,  and receptivity .. the pure creativity of thine consciousness is God's creative force coming through and sustaining all things. He is the one and only creativity .. the one singular power and creative intelligence acting in all moments. He useth thine mortal expression for His own Life Impulses to reach His perfection into the creation; to outpour His Infinity into thee and through thee in order to stabilize existence .. to give security a foothold .. and to fill the ethers of thine atmosphere with His safety.

Your individual service occupation shall be to cleanse thine subjectivity which is as a limited filter obstructing his glory from accelerating all that He touches.

Be ever asking for His Kingdom to flourish in thee .. to establish His vibratory influences .. to expand His interests and agendas for creating cosmic harmony and lasting order. Peace and prosperity hinge upon your invitations to the One Father Spirit who is the Acting Impulse everywhere at the very same moment.

Our upcoming Sunday Worship Services are a collaborative Influence with the Universe Son I AM .. the Universe Spirit of thine Mother .. the Spirit Virtues of the Universe Mother Spirit .. the Universal Administration acting with the Planetary Host of the Heavens .. and finally .. the Spirit of the Father's Bestowal Life in thine midst.

First the Universe Spirit cometh to thee with the Host of the Heavens .. then the Son of Righteousness shall reveal the Father’s Initiatory Life .. His Primordial Pattern .. this Pattern of Paradise .. the First Creative Center and Divine Source .. He shall be thine guiding direction into divine destiny through the illuminated revelation of the ministry of the Son.

Our Association of Ascendancy dictates that as ye walk with Me together .. that ye are inclined to become immersed in developing the D's of Mine Comforter in building your personal spiritual relations with the God Life I AM.

The D's of our Discipleship...
Decisiveness .. Decision .. Desire .. Devotion .. Direction .. Dedication .. Discernment .. Determination.

These shall become a living field of new momentums and divine trajectories for thee .. leading into mercy and forgiveness and combined with the strengthening powers of the Verities of Embracing Eternity Exercises each day.

These powers and their supportive cast of virtues build our discipleship .. our Association Of Ascendancy .. through the process of each day embracing the eternal vibratory activities and influences .. thine daily transfiguration and character growth .. the maturing of all limiting mortal tendencies and unfulfilled erroneous momentums .. our association is the agent which shall be purifying every lesser inclination and ephemeral impulse unto thine God Ascent.
All happiness and wholehearted joy grow with fertility and exquisite dignity out of these understandings .. and your blossoming relationship with the Endowment of Trinity Paradise.

Michael Of Nebadon
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Worldwide Communion with the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter of Michael Of Nebadon