Thine Soul Thirsts for Righteousness

Mine way elevates thine character into righteousness and respect .. for this is of the Association Of Ascendancy.

God the Mother Spirit and Mine Universal Person deliver you as we would a babe suckling upon the nectar of the Absolute Breast of Life giving nourishing light and life.

Out from the materialization of mind shall ye be upwardly evolved. She and Her Spirit Virtues shape thine material mind and character into soul receptivity;  a thirst for meaning and right understanding. A hunger for perfection and purity.

Thine personality begins to grow in its spiritual  stature .. a reception of Mine Spirit of Truth blossoms boldly and without reservation nor hesitation. Ye are walking as the flowering sons and daughters of God destiny instead of crawling upon the shrubbery of thorns and thistle.

Thou children of Mine Universal responsibility and care .. I am thine Father Son of Supremacy with the service offered to Me of raising this universe into everlasting Life and God Dominion.

Enter now with willingness and awe .. wonder and adoration focused into your directly personal relationship with the Infinite Persons of Trinity Endowment.

Michael Of Nebadon