Thine Holiness Abounds with Promise

As ye are desirous of Life .. the Goodly God Life .. then do I raise you out from the dream of your separative immaturities.

The world .. it seemeth quite real at most times for thee .. yet it changeth constantly. It wavers in it's dramatic maneuverability. It shall not be stable nor secure. It is an impossibility that you live your life in the worldly effects; for these effects are as the appearances of the shadow splashing herself upon the sidewalk on a sunny day. Certainly, these shadows are not of the textures of Our Reality.

Contemplate this that I do share with thee. Raise thine mortal and material bound attention into the Attentions Of Ascendancy. Refine thine encumbrances of thought and feeling .. agendas mortal and limited will .. into more and still more of the immaculate perceptions of His Forgiveness.

Then .. shall ye walk in Mine Holy Hand of Mercy as given to Me from the Paradise Trinity Core for thine elevations into His Life.

Thine Holy Remembrance of the Life of God is dependent upon your attentional choices in every moment. Thine awareness of His .. Her .. imminency builds and grows through choice .. through those gentle reminders .. yours is a mind filled with creative potencies that shall build its return constantly and continually and with the powers of constancy .. into purpose and intention towards the Father's Initiatory Life .. this mind becomes vibrationally awake into soul mind .. a mind which gravitates beyond the materialization and the bodily senses towards the greater capacities of Absoluteness .. the Ascendancy Of Absoluteness .. and the Avenues of Our Ascendancy.

Return with Me into His holy remembrance. Walk with the Mother and the Planetary Administration .. and I .. into Our larger more nourishing field of soul receptivity. Take Mine Universal Hand and upstart .. upgrade .. upwind .. thine life into eternal freedom and immortality. I am come for thee .. or would ye rather remain amiss in thine thinkings?  Would ye have preference to reside in the boundaries of your own limitations of subjectivity?

Is it there .. within the reservoirs of thine subjectivity that ye look for happiness and holiness? Or .. shall we walk together overflowing with purpose and righteous desire in this way of simplicity and grace according to the Plan and Law and Will?

I say unto those personalities who quiver at the thoughtless idea of becoming buried in their subjective grave ...

Stand apart from the race consciousness .. enter the stream of Mine Comforter Spirit.  Heal thine relationship with the Infinite Persons of Trinity Endowment.  Rejoin the crowd of ascendancy and mastership which grows daily.

I call thee to stand forth into integrity .. integration with the God Life I AM. Accept now that ye have a destiny to unfold in you .. through thine enormous personal decisions and the efforts in the transfiguration of thine unholy effects.

Mine Verities of the Comforter Spirit I AM .. are the ways leading you into the graduation of the Eternal Embrace with the Father’s Initiatory Thought and Life.

I say .. Universal Citizenship is the goal to attain to.

Give thine Invocations to the glory of God in thee .. and at the Center and Source of Existence.

Instructions are offered to emancipate thine mind into the receptacle of soul that ye shall aspire to greatness of union with Life.

Identification with truth everpotent raises thee into your godlike stature over time and space.

Inquiries into your creative free will and its righteous use brings transformation untold.

Invisioning Faith Imagination and Trust opens thine doorways to the Kingdom of His/Her Consciousness Absolute.

Impregnation breathes into thine material field of misqualification the qualifications of eternity through the expansion of the Kingdom of Light and Life Communion.

Invitation fulfillment is thine sacred oath .. thine creaturehood in expression rightly attained to .. it is thine calling decree and thine godly command as the maturing Sovereign Shepherd of Destiny .. for the descent of the Awareness of Ascendancy .. the flames of the Universe Mother Spirit with the Planetary Host to quicken thee into usefulness and purpose .. direction and holy meaning.

These are Mine Verities for thee to practice and apply towards your freedom immortal. To govern thyself into honor and humility .. and to shake thineself loose of every ailing woe and precipitous calamity of appearance.

I make the blind to see and the deaf to hear. I quicken with the Life of God I AM thine meanderings of faith into unwavering confidence and trusting conviction. I attest to thine Christhood and I bear witness to Truth Absolute which is truly the Majesty of Love.

Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation
Salvington University