The Trinity Core of Infinity Exists

Thine acknowledgement of the reality of the Infinite Persons of the Trinity Ideal and their Paradise Endowment upon all creatures and races .. gives to you a wider expanse in understanding .. a fuller and broader birth of divine relationship and the Everlasting Fellowship available to you.

Recognize the One Infinite Deity operating as the Three Persons of the Trinity Absolute .. and ye shall grasp in mind the conceiving forth in thee of light .. life .. love .. and law. Ye shall begin to work within this Trinity Conceiving in their relationship with all time and space creation.

Through the daily act of the embracing eternity exercises of the everlasting Kingdom of God .. ye shall awaken those faculties of heart and mind necessary for your evolvement.
Thine powers of invisioning faith and trusting imagination open the eyes of God into perceiving the working of this undivided and omnipresent Spirit Reality in everything and everyone .. everywhere. This brings to the individual personality .. Happiness and Fulfillment .. Direction and Purpose .. Understanding Knowledge .. and an undeniably Beneficial Harmony.

Spiritual faith coupled with thine thoughtful interpose with Our Ideal .. shall gain ye a divine insight into the love of God .. spiritual perception shall grow so that you will experience the workings of His law in your life circumstances. Ye will be magnetizing to you the transforming Sacred Fire of Love from the Father Son Spirit.

The Planetary Administration shall see this advancement of thine personal vibratory activities .. and they shall amplify in thee this light and life of God .. and they shall add onto your lighted stature the very next gradations of vibratory dignity.

Paradise Deity is Absolute Law and Life. This spiritual understanding through pure faith has great influence upon the way the ordained laws of existence reach you.

Thine cooperative consecration into Truth Absolute mature and thy collaborative considerations refine into a fuller godly estate. The expansion of your personal consciousness into understanding allows you the great privilege to walk within Our Trinity Embrace.

I say to those with a listening heart .. give all acknowledgement and recognition to the Paradise Father Mother as Law. Allow Him in thee to expand and establish Himself .. His vibratory influences and activities.

In expanding your more cosmic perceptions ye are to constructively confront thyself .. thine darkness of discoloration .. those misqualified conditions which ye have arbitrarily imposed upon the immaculate nature of God's Life.  And at the very same time .. ye are to embrace eternity .. embrace that unchanging reality realizing that God dwells in thine midst .. and He is thine animating Impulse of Life.

Paradise Deity is universal law. It is not to be negotiated with nor shall ye create your own interpretations of the divine reality. Deity Absolute is One and is an undefinable Purity which none can interfere with.

Recognize that the Trinity is Sovereignty itself .. the Patrern of Absokute Perfection which every creature must one day abide in .. and this very same Deity Absolute is continually giving of Himself .. Herself .. by extending outward from Paradise .. overshadowing all varied possibilities within the movement of the evolutionary planets and civilizations.

The Persons of Infinity are the eternal factual reality which is undivided and eternally indivisible.

The Paradise Trinity is One Deity expressing as the Three Persons who then .. extend into all orders of existence; for there is this gradual extension of derivatives of the originating One God .. extending outward from the Paradise Trinity Core of Infinity until God reaches each and every human personality in their location of existence.

Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation