Mine Living Fold of Ascendancy

Behold thine Mother...Her Spirit Virtues develop a mind into its counterpart .. the receptacle of soul.

And it is when thine soul tendencies develop and mature .. that ye shall hunger for righteousness and rectitude .. responsibility and receptivity .. respect and relationship for the One Life of God shall raise you into thine own salvation.

Hence .. ye are destined for His Remembrance.

Contemplate the Mother Spirit .. her Cardinal Virtues of Eternity .. to deepen your potential alignment with truth and your thirst for the Absolutes beyond the trifles of subjectivity and relativity.

The Seven Cardinal Virtues awaken right relationship with Us...


These Foundational Virtues become Values. Values become Verities or Truths.

Virtues, Values, and My Everlasting Verities become Vision for the mortal personality mind to begin advancing along the byways of its God Ascent.

These do create your decision making prowess .. thine choices are derived from the V's.

Choices are revealed as our priorities and thine potencies of mind and heart and body and soul emerge as your circumstances and environments .. thine consciousness unfolds in just this simplicity of way.

And a mind immersed in My everlasting choice for eternal freedom sets into motion for itself those vibratory forces .. influences .. and activities which build upward trajectories into God's world of light and life.

Thine mortal mind holds within itself the power of free will. When free will becomes coupled with faith and trust and concentrated upon the Absoluteness Of Ascendancy .. the tenets and universal precepts of Paradise .. then evolutionary progression is enhanced and accelerated .. your life and its surrounding world of appearance is purified and refined into greater harmony and happiness. Thine empowerments within the Father’s Initiatory Life are amplified and strengthened. You develop a new and rightly qualified momentum carrying you upwards in vibratory attentions.

...and this momentum shall catapult thee beyond the superficial appearance world and its vibratory influences and activities.

Ye shall be choosing the higher life and the ascendancy of our association together will blossom you into God consciousness and God purpose .. thine Godly direction and God meanings in understanding shall overflow from thine own Individualized consciousness.

I come to illuminate thine safe passageway through the evolutionary worlds .. that your personality soul progression shall flourish with safety .. security .. and stability .. in the Kingdom of the Father's Initiatory Life.

Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation