Mine Courage and Faith Confidence Surrounds Thee

I am calling you into living a God Life .. Acknowledge and Recognize the One Infinite Deity who lives in thee. Turn thine attentions to Him as the Animating Power and Divine Presence who moves thee in each second of your life. He gives and gives to you His Life by which ye might create your destiny with Him.

Let thine momentums of consciousness be overflowing with grace and forgiveness for any misqualifications that hold you back from expanding and experience of God's Kingdom.

Your life is God's Life. Ye shall not only live your life but also ye are meant to become God's Life through recognition of the sovereignty of God the First Person .. God the Second Person .. and God the third Person of Infinity.

Acknowledge the Parenthood of God as an actual living and personal relationship. Deepen thine remembrance of Him in each moment and your remembrance relationship with His Presence. He is sovereign throughout existence .. dwelling in every place at the very same time. Contemplate this sovereignty .. focus thine heart and mind upon His Presence and Power. 

Mine Universal Orb of Nebadon overflows continually with His merciful forgiveness as you open to partake of it; for I am the Creator Father Son Michael .. I come because I love and respect thee .. I honor thine choices regardless of their wisdom and unconditionally do I support you in your growth and maturing.

All of the heavens upon heavens .. the many  dimensions of God's One Body .. are teeming with highly impressionable substance which responds to your intensified thoughts. You are always setting into vibratory motion your future circumstances and environment by which you shall be destined to live.

In this understanding .. learn of your creative free will through thought and attention .. awareness and adoration .. acceptance and allegiance .. alignment and acknowledgement; for ye are a creator child with these instruments of your identity.

Thine light of the Father's Godhood in thee is more brilliant than the solar sun. It hath a potency and radiance which allows vibration to become stirred in the ethers.

I say to Mine children who are responsible for their creative identity and power .. be ever respectful of the God Life who is gifted to you at all times of the moment. Amplify and expand thine receptivity by practicing the virtues of the Mother Spirit.

Invite My Spirit to guide thee upwards into a fuller truth-seeking. Command with loving in your heart for this God Life I AM to expand and grow .. to establish His residence in you. To secure His stability for your personal life .. your personalness .. thine gift of personality depends upon your free willingness to survive and walk earnestly into the Kingdom of Wholeness.

Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation

The Epochal Revelation of the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter of Michael Of Nebadon


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