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Mine Courage and Faith Confidence Surrounds Thee

I am calling you into living a God Life .. Acknowledge and Recognize the One Infinite Deity who lives in thee. Turn thine attentions to Him as the Animating Power and Divine Presence who moves thee in each second of your life. He gives and gives to you His Life by which ye might create your destiny with Him.Let thine momentums of consciousness be overflowing with grace and forgiveness for any misqualifications that hold you back from expanding and experience of God's Kingdom. Your life is God's Life. Ye shall not only live your life but also ye are meant to become God's Life through recognition of the sovereignty of God the First Person .. God the Second Person .. and God the third Person of Infinity.Acknowledge the Parenthood of God as an actual living and personal relationship. Deepen thine remembrance of Him in each moment and your remembrance relationship with His Presence. He is sovereign throughout existence .. dwelling in every place at the very same time. Contempla…

Enter into the Kingdom of the Heavens

El Reino de los Cielos es verdaderamente nuestra Asociación para la Ascensión a lo largo de las Galaxias de este Universo y de todos los Universos.Entrarás en este Reino en la medida que te alineas y absorbes o asimilas Mi Comunión la cual te está siendo ofrecida.Las Personas Infinitas de la Trinidad del Paraíso son realmente las personalidades y expresión de la Deidad Una Infinita. Lo Absoluto de Su Ascensión es Su enfoque para el Reino de todos tus hermanas y hermanas en todas partes en la creación; una creación que sostiene trillones entre trillones de personalidades cada una emanando de miles de órdenes y localidades.He regresado para iluminar tu camino de entrada seguro, hacia los mundos evolutivos en nuestro Cuerpo Universal; asegurándome de que te sea dada toda la oportunidad para avanzar en tu Carrera Universal hacia reinos mayores y expresiones de Luz y Vida Pura, esperándote.Este avance de la ascensión es tu dirección… tu decisión… y tu destino.Micael de Nebadon
Fundación Mi…

My Comforter Spirit Verities

I instruct thee in Mine Verities which enhance in you the greater use of your endowment of God’s Life. This is thine righteous use of your free will powers to cocreate freedom everlasting.These Verities of Mine Comforter Spirit are the seven creative powers of will .. plus the essential power of Intention.I reveal now these Eight Verities of the Kingdom with you here…Intention
InvitationThe Kingdom of righteousness and your walk with Me in our universal fellowship communion is accessible to you only as you enter through the front door of our discipleship together.Our Association Of Ascendancy…These prerequisites of our revelatory relationship are respect .. responsibility .. receptivity .. righteousness .. rectitude .. and remembrance.Think on these beloved children of the One Central Source .. Mine requirements .. in order for you to evolve and grow in thine paradise career into the Absoluteness of Ascendancy.…

Mine Living Fold of Ascendancy

Behold thine Mother...Her Spirit Virtues develop a mind into its counterpart .. the receptacle of soul. And it is when thine soul tendencies develop and mature .. that ye shall hunger for righteousness and rectitude .. responsibility and receptivity .. respect and relationship for the One Life of God shall raise you into thine own salvation. Hence .. ye are destined for His Remembrance. Contemplate the Mother Spirit .. her Cardinal Virtues of Eternity .. to deepen your potential alignment with truth and your thirst for the Absolutes beyond the trifles of subjectivity and relativity.The Seven Cardinal Virtues awaken right relationship with Us...Worship
IntuitionThese Foundational Virtues become Values. Values become Verities or Truths. Virtues, Values, and My Everlasting Verities become Vision for the mortal personality mind to begin advancing along the byways of its God Ascent.These do create your decision making prowess .. thine choices …

The Gospel of Salvington is Salvation

The mind shall not give you my awakening Impulse .. yet the heart knows and shall offer thee ascendancy and advancement as ye partake of me .. my words .. and as ye come to live as I live and act as I act in my affairs with the Persons of Trinity Endowment. I come into the flesh to show you how to live in accordance with Truth and Love. To give you an illumination of understanding truth and divine knowledge in the Father's Initiatory Kingdom. Make not the mistake of listening to my teaching with the carnal mind of logic .. yet in your hearts you must begin to comprehend the meaning. Always through the ages, I teach you that my one purpose is to reveal my Father in heaven to his children on earth. I live now the God-revealing bestowal that you might experience thine God-knowing career. I reveal God as your Father in heaven; I have revealed you as the sons and daughters of God on earth. Truly .. It is a fact that God loves you, his sons and daughters. By walking with Me in the visio…

Ye Do Come into our Association Of Ascendancy

Ye do come unto me saying, Michael, use us for thy glory .. allow us to serve with thee. I do take my notes in mind .. and often I reply .. that your purest desires become thine revelation and receptivity flourishes in those who acquaint themselves with our Universal Protocol and Ideal.... thine most refined desires become for you the wind behind thee carrying you to heights of service and selflessness. These states of your virtue do honor us and work in your benefit as My service within our universe. For always and forever .. it is Love that hath brought thee forth into existence .. made you what you are .. Love hath placed you where you are in the creation .. and Love hath decreed thine roles and fortunes .. thine positions of service and receptivity .. thine momentums rejuvenated with the purest of desires serve by actualizing thine hidden and sleeping Godhood. Sleeping from its birth into human existence.  Sleeping until ye are desirous to bring Him forth into fullest gran…

The Trinity Core of Infinity Exists

Thine acknowledgement of the reality of the Infinite Persons of the Trinity Ideal and their Paradise Endowment upon all creatures and races .. gives to you a wider expanse in understanding .. a fuller and broader birth of divine relationship and the Everlasting Fellowship available to you.Recognize the One Infinite Deity operating as the Three Persons of the Trinity Absolute .. and ye shall grasp in mind the conceiving forth in thee of light .. life .. love .. and law. Ye shall begin to work within this Trinity Conceiving in their relationship with all time and space creation.Through the daily act of the embracing eternity exercises of the everlasting Kingdom of God .. ye shall awaken those faculties of heart and mind necessary for your evolvement.
Thine powers of invisioning faith and trusting imagination open the eyes of God into perceiving the working of this undivided and omnipresent Spirit Reality in everything and everyone .. everywhere. This brings to the individual personalit…

Thine Soul Thirsts for Righteousness

Mine way elevates thine character into righteousness and respect .. for this is of the Association Of Ascendancy. God the Mother Spirit and Mine Universal Person deliver you as we would a babe suckling upon the nectar of the Absolute Breast of Life giving nourishing light and life. Out from the materialization of mind shall ye be upwardly evolved. She and Her Spirit Virtues shape thine material mind and character into soul receptivity;  a thirst for meaning and right understanding. A hunger for perfection and purity.Thine personality begins to grow in its spiritual  stature .. a reception of Mine Spirit of Truth blossoms boldly and without reservation nor hesitation. Ye are walking as the flowering sons and daughters of God destiny instead of crawling upon the shrubbery of thorns and thistle. Thou children of Mine Universal responsibility and care .. I am thine Father Son of Supremacy with the service offered to Me of raising this universe into everlasting Life and God Dominion.Enter …

Thine Holiness Abounds with Promise

As ye are desirous of Life .. the Goodly God Life .. then do I raise you out from the dream of your separative immaturities.The world .. it seemeth quite real at most times for thee .. yet it changeth constantly. It wavers in it's dramatic maneuverability. It shall not be stable nor secure. It is an impossibility that you live your life in the worldly effects; for these effects are as the appearances of the shadow splashing herself upon the sidewalk on a sunny day. Certainly, these shadows are not of the textures of Our Reality.Contemplate this that I do share with thee. Raise thine mortal and material bound attention into the Attentions Of Ascendancy. Refine thine encumbrances of thought and feeling .. agendas mortal and limited will .. into more and still more of the immaculate perceptions of His Forgiveness. Then .. shall ye walk in Mine Holy Hand of Mercy as given to Me from the Paradise Trinity Core for thine elevations into His Life.Thine Holy Remembrance of the Life of God …

Trinity Endowment Trust of Paradise

I say unto thee .. burgeoning sons and daughters of respect,  responsibility,  and receptivity .. the pure creativity of thine consciousness is God's creative force coming through and sustaining all things. He is the one and only creativity .. the one singular power and creative intelligence acting in all moments. He useth thine mortal expression for His own Life Impulses to reach His perfection into the creation; to outpour His Infinity into thee and through thee in order to stabilize existence .. to give security a foothold .. and to fill the ethers of thine atmosphere with His safety.Your individual service occupation shall be to cleanse thine subjectivity which is as a limited filter obstructing his glory from accelerating all that He touches. Be ever asking for His Kingdom to flourish in thee .. to establish His vibratory influences .. to expand His interests and agendas for creating cosmic harmony and lasting order. Peace and prosperity hinge upon your invitations to the One…