The Father's Initiatory Kingdom

Thine Father's Initiatory Thought is likened to a living field of wheat which hath no limitation nor end .. it's charity is infinite .. it's faith is enduringly potent .. and its great hope is awe-inspiring and overflowing with the purest taste in thought and feeling. The most refined relationship with the One Parent of Paradise opens thine way unto truth and justice .. happiness and heartful joy.

His Kingdom is entered into only by those with the highest aspirations and the loftiest character motivations. It is a realm wherein all possibilities become seen and heard. All potentials of the human life are unearthed through this reciprocal spiritual communion and relationship of faith and trust.

Every perspective of His goodness, truth, and beauty becomes available to the personality mind opening to shed it's subjective delusion and extinguish it's judgemental tenacities.

All are invited into My Father’s bountiful Kingdom of Light and Life. . .

Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation