Spiritual Promise of Our Possibilities

Be thou .. children of My Universal Consciousness .. the edict of thine aspirings. Become now the very Principles of Immaculate Selfhood .. lay claim to thine inheritance of the Kingdom of My Father God.

I say .. He and she who wait upon the perfect conditions to enter My Father’s Bountiful Pastures of grace and mercy .. these shall starve themselves into unawareness. Chaos shall come upon the hands of those who attempt to deter themselves from God's Order and Harmony.

The Preparatory Act of God the Spirit prepares thineself for receptivity.

The Revelatory Word of God the Son reveals thine way and shows thee of His Truth.

The Initiatory Thought of God the Father is destiny .. thine authorship holds the keys to His House in thee.

I come once again .. the Spirit Personality I AM .. the Michael Of Nebadon as ye knoweth Mine Station Universal. I bring thee gifts which ye know not of.

I tender thine equations of character and countenance into an enlightening understanding of truth and justice .. Mine children.

Be ye at peace as you walk within My Infinite Influences of Invisioning Grace and the fullness of Our Fellowship Communion as one Deity of Supremacy .. One Everlasting Life do we share. Arise .. and take upon thyself Mine Vision of Advancement.

I make the blind to see and I unwax the hearing of the deaf ones who refuse their freedom and eternal growth .. they seek and find only struggle.

I make the lame of attainment to sit up and step forth in safety and sincerity; for these too are Mine Trust Universal ..

My Heart aches with your freedom and mastery. It swells with the Omnipotence of Life .. awaiting maturity, proximity of loving devotions to arise in My children.

I watch thine meanderings and do wonder of thy glory. I AM the Universal Vine of Life with all distribution rights to advance the gift of Our Life unto they who are my Branches of Consciousness.

I stir the ethers of thine intellect with Totality .. Wholeness AM I.

I offer thee each Opportunities of His Omnipresence. I give outward to the Body that I AM the Son's emanations by asking of you each to embrace your eternity.

I AM thine Sovereign Shepherd with this Universal Trust which I shall deliver out from the darkness of discontent .. delirium .. and disillusionments of all kinds.

Ye are held within Mine Care. Our religious relationship beckons thee into purity and perseverance .. peaking your interests into spiritual promise from the aches and pains of your materialized mind.

Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation
Michael Of Nebadon, The Americas

Worldwide Communion with the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter of Michael Of Nebadon