Raising thine Awakened Heart

Be not the foolish hearted who always is attempting to control those things which ye have no control over .. for this creates thine unhappiness and an endless distress plagues thee. The thoughts of others and their perceptions are under their own command, not yours. The winds that blow throughout the fields are under the tutelage of nature, and so, these have no such tendency to obey thee.

Yet, be in command and mastery over what ye have been given to control and guide. The raising of thine character and consciousness is in your control, it is able to be commanded by thine thoughts. Thine attentions and awareness.. these are your rod and staff in order to tend to thine flock of sheep - those thoughts and feelings that only you have set into vibratory creation in your field of living.
Again, I come to make the blind to see and the deaf to hear truth .. and to become a living honesty once again for thine own benevolence through God's grace and forgiveness, His mercy and love; for ye shall not seek to further the aims of thine lesser nature which is unsightly and perverse in accordance with the living sight of the Father God.

I am thine Sovereign Universe Father Son .. the Personalization of Father Son .. the focalization with the Infinite Mother Spirit of the Infinite Persons of Paradise Origin.

Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation