Infinite Endowment

Thine development into becoming an actual personalization of the Deity of Supremacy depends upon your living spiritual connection .. communion .. cooperation .. collaboration .. concentration .. with the Endowment of Trinity Paradise. 

The Infinite Persons of Trinity Endowment are the Circuits of Intelligence and Life which run through the creation just as your physical nervous system and the veins for the flowing of your blood have their own avenues of distribution.

The Endowment of the First Creative Center and Divine Source is the way and truth and life arteries within the One Body of the Nameless Creator. Thy continuous improvement and advancement hinges upon your deepening relationship with these spiritual forces distributed throughout creation .. and ultimately these forces reach the planetary administration who are your ascendant brothers brothers and sisters organizing and orchestrating all developments within the earth and the ten billion streams of personality Life who reside upon her.

Ye shall bring forward in thine mortal life the immortality of the garment of living light and life. This is the only spiritual fruit .. and this fruits yields to the individual all benefactions.

Thine progress within your Paradise Ascendancy Career is predicated upon your mind embodying Our association of ascendancy initially through the Universe Mother Virtues and Values of Eternity. You are intellectually then .. acknowledging your own spiritual poverty .. your need to direct thyself into the agendas of the Eternal. This spiritual hunger and its itinerant poverty of spirit shall be combined with the self-consciousness that ye thirst for righteousness in relationship with the Universal Father .. that ye thirst for truth absolute .. and that ye are willing to walk with Us into the fulfillment of all human potentials.

Thine desire to know God the Father by forming relationship with His indwelling Life is thine preeminence of all priorities; the desire to know his nature, to identify with His One Singular Impulse of Power and Perception is to become just as He Is.

Thine mortal character which is subject to all kinds of selfish tendencies must become refined by your embracing of eternity. The wholehearted desire to know the Father's way and truth .. and your priorities of purpose to cooperate with the plan for your unique unfoldment and to conduct thyself into the law of living .. these prerequisites allow the personality to live the will of the Father in heaven.

First .. ye must need God. Second .. ye must act in accordance to His agenda. Third .. ye are to conduct thyself into Wholeness by your daily growth, your discerning heart, and your embodiment of His virtues and values .. His vision and verities. Then .. shall ye be walking within the universal fold unto Mine pastures of glory and forgiveness .. purity and the fuller perfection.

Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation