Evolutionary Minds

Ye are initially material minded creatures starting out upon a planetary evolution. Thine progressions into light and life are woven by your values .. and values are built by virtues. Only then shall ye embrace My vision of freedom.

Mine Verities of thy Christhood shall flourish in those personalities who find the courage to go more deeply .. and to discover their strengths by which all knowing and perception and subjectivity shall divinize into God-knowing, God attaining .. God understanding .. God perceiving .. God relationship.

Thine freedom is awakened as ye learn of God and His simple way of truth and love. Ye arise into Our relationship as you become a personality mind who aspires to know God .. to enter into His reciprocal spiritual communion and divine relationship so that ye might receive of His spirit affection .. and give your loving to the great Father in return.

Mine way to your developing freedom occurs one decision at a time. One value made manifest by that decision.

Alas .. the Preparatory Act of God the Spirit as the Universe Mother .. Her mentoring spirits show you .. and bring greater birth unto thine burgeoning mind of material origins which blossoms into the additional value of the soul which hungers for truth .. craves righteousness .. thirsts for honor and justice. Then .. shall ye receive of My Comforter Consciousness which surrounds thee and interpenetrates thine personality consciousness; for I am the one who gives of thee thine Life here within the universal pond of Nebadon.

Ye are made .. created .. and designed .. to become added onto in thine stature as a free will creature with vast creative prerogatives.

Thine material mind shall one day evolve itself into soul which enters into the open doorway of Infinity .. it shall touch the living hem of the Clothe of Consciousness .. and ye shall walk free and as a master of Our truth and unconditional love.

Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation