Eternal Capacities of Unfoldment

Our eternal fellowship communion together through the Comforter of My Being brings you into an enhanced faith trust .. a conviction of feeling in contact and connection with the goodness of the universes.

Our association of ascendancy raises the personality mind soul into greater righteousness and rectitude with God the Father. Thine religious experiences are deepened in our association together as your educational growth amplifies the true values of life. There shall become for you a marked increase in your appreciation for the Life of God the Father .. His nature and immaculately expressed character becomes more of your own Individualized Godhood.

Our illuminated educational fellowship shall give you the inward impulse to reach ever higher .. fuller .. more deeply into the values and meanings of the Absolute One. New meanings are revealed. A broadened perspective in your personality is crystallized and made available to you. You become intricately woven with the Deity of Supremacy in his values and vision. Thine conscience is refined and righteousness appears in heart and mind. An allegiance with the living God who breathes thine breath and gives thee his Life is greatly and powerfully enhanced.

Our Virtues become values .. Values are shaping your vision into  more accessible universal sight. Vision is awakened as ye learn to be the Sovereign Shepherd of Mastery .. the Great Self Governing and Directive Agent for thine salvation in the plan of the Supreme God.
Only then shall Mine Verities be received. Mine Virtues developed. The great inner Validations shall reveal so many essential attributes of your own eternity in the Spirit of Paradise Bestowal.

Our true religious impulse allows you to live more fully within the mortal imperfection .. acceptance of thine imperfect state of  existence and experience is necessary to become whole and complete. Ye are to live thine life in humbleness yet with dignity and the honor of your godly ascent.

Just now and always I give you of My Spirit of Truth to to build our comraderie together. So that you come to realize you have a place reserved at My table.

A destiny to unfold and embody.

A graduation to attend towards as you are shedding the mortal garment and taking upon thyself the immortality of the garment of love and light.

Ye are blending with the Spirit of God the Father in thee...

Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation