Thou Child of Earthly Pastures

Thou Mine children of this terrestrial pasture .. your sincerity and straight-forward desires for love and truth do provoke Mine Universal Heart. I Love you and I give to you of My Spirit that ye may grow thine character into a vadt renewal of priorities in heart and mind. Thine faith conviction for the Father shall become thou .. quickened so as to emerge in you .. and ye shall become accelerated in these coming days as you ask of Me to give you the greater Substances of Pure Life which are entrusted in My Universal Station.

I am the only Christ Michael embodied, and as I do come in the simplicity of the Father's way to penetrate thine humanity and to infiltrate the sophisticated intellectual fibers of thine Race .. the Father Himself shall reveal to you Mine appearance upon the play of your Humankind.

In this first year of My public ministry upon the earth, I do gather momentum for the Father God to stir the embers of the hearts of humankind .. and to clarify Mine words of olden yore .. while gathering unto Mine countenance all those who have been preparing themselves over the centuries of their lifetimes .. for Universal Citizenship .. the graduation of the personality mind and body and soul into its planetary completion.

Your ascent into divine discernment allows the Father .. who is thine Life and Destination .. to reveal Mine arrival upon thine shores. Ask Him with the very same beautiful sincerity. Crave to enter into Our Universal Association .. Invite Mine Spirit of Truth to begin our evolutionary preparations for you as an individual personality who seeks God the Father, and allows My Father to expand His very Kingdom in and through you.

I come to teach thee how to walk within My Universal Care with the Mother Spirit and the Host for the Planet. Ye shall become, thou burgeoning Christs and Buddhas .. Mine Sovereign Shepherd of all Goodness, Truth, and Beauty as ye strive to know Truth in every way, as ye allow for it to cleanse thine mind of every misqualified perception made by mortal thought, nd as ye provoke the very Heart of thyself into His Holy Remembrance...

I am thine own Sovereign Son...
Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation


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