The Everlasting V's of Victory in the Universal Father

Mine Cardinal Verities of the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter open the Eyes of God thou art...and these mine Verities are nurtured and supported with the Comforter Virtues and the Vision of the Spirit of Truth. These V's create your uniquely personal experiences, your Validations of Spirit, your Valuations to measure your growth and clarify your advancements of the Paradise Career of thine Personality Soul.

The 7 Verities of the Comforter and their Corresponding and Supporting Virtues build and grow the Father Son Spirit Vision for thee.

1. Invoke with the A's

2. Instruct thyself with Mine Word and the Sacred C's

3. Identify with the One God applying the D's of your Declarations of Truth

4. Inquire to discern the aught from the naught .. the truth from the false
Inquire to bring harmony to your misqualified conditions through transfiguration and the disciplines of the R's of Remembrance

5. Invision with the higher Mind .. insight, perception, intuition .. that allows mind to advance into more abstract thought .. perfected thought .. a mind that gains sight and our visionary ideal of the Kingdom of the Heavens.

Invision with the S's of Sight

6. Impregnate thyself through our yogic disciplines .. stretching into Life, breathing into love, chanting into joy, receiving into humility and everlasting fire, and living in each moment the righteousness of your Spirit Endowment of Consciousness...

Impregnate thyself with the Comforter Virtues of the P's of penetration and persistence .. patience and perseverance ...

7. Then finally, Invite the Cosmic Fire of the Host .. the Mother's Holy Spirit .. Invite and Command for the descent of this Omnipresent Creative Fire to come and accelerate thee into thine promised destiny of Universal Citizenship.

Invite with the Comforter Virtues of the V's of Visualization and Victorious Fulfillment within the Father Son Spirit.

These are Mine yoke that he must bear in order to rectify into thine divine fruits of the Universal Father. The Virtues create Values which build righteous character and righteousness of choice. Values build the magnification and hunger for Truth. Values lead the material mind into our eternal meanings and agenda divine .. higher purpose and everlasting understandings.

Values create the soul receptacle which is attuned with thine Individualized God Identity .. which develops material mind into more of that fuller potential of soul mind which yearns for the Absolutes of Truth and God. Values build ethical decisions and moral choosing to grow the personality mind into its true Selfhood, and this Selfhood is the very beginning of God's Personalities becoming Divine Personalizations .. Individualizations .. of Himself in creation .. this being which ye are to become is the Deity of Supremacy which ye are destined to blossom into and emerge as.

...and it is the Universe Mother and Her Spirit Virtues and Values which clarify and amplify a personality mind ready and willing for divine association with Mine Comforter Consciousness .. eternal fellowship with My Spirit of Truth. Then and only then shall Mine Verities find a way into your receptivity of mind and soul and personhood.

At last, the Comforter I AM finds thine Selfhood made ready and prepared to enter into the Father's Kingdom with Me. Victory is assured as ye advance into thine stability, security, safety, survival, and Sovereignty one with the Universal Father Spirit .. that Individualized God Identity who has traveled with thee all the way, who has tutored and directed and divinized thine mind and personality into Our Universal Agenda of Freedom and Delivery .. the Plan of the Salvation blossoms thee upon the Shores of a new reality.

Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation

Worldwide Communion with the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter of Michael Of Nebadon