Raise Thyself into Promise and Potentiality

Be thou a child of the universe who strives to perfect themselves unto righteousness and respect .. responsibility and receptivity .. as the Universal Father has decreed for all of His Life.

Judge not, that ye be raising thyself into Wholeness. For with what mind ye judge others ye shall be setting vibratory activities in movement in you. Thine influences of thought and feeling bring measure that ye must mete well before ye are allowed to serve the Planetary Administration.

...and all that ye have brought into vibratory activities .. these things shall be measured to you again. Ye shalt be caused to bring harmony and justice to all thine activities.

And why shall ye hold in mind the error of another .. and yet .. considerest not thine own misqualification of error and unhappiness? Advise not any others until ye are cleansed with completeness. Be not tempted to teach and instruct from your ignorance and sorrowful arrogance until ye are given to thine own Selfhood of Divinity.

Perceive thine own mistakes first and foremost .. and ye shall see rightly all others in order that ye may benefit the Life of God all around thee.

Cast into the Fire of His Transfigurations the blindness out of thine own eyes and the deafness out from thine own ears; and then ye shalt see clearly how to cast out the errors out of thy brother's eye. That ye might be of true help in alleviating his and her suffering by your truthful living...

Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation

Worldwide Communion with the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter of Michael Of Nebadon


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