Mine Taskings of Universal Service to Humanity are Growing Upward

I am bidden by the Paradise Deities to come unto the humanity.. to infiltrate thine intellectual prowess .. to win over the hearts and minds of societal sophistication .. to penetrate the veils of thine forgetfulness.

I raise all things and creatures and mortal kingdoms into this revelation of their righteousness, not by Mine mortal hands alone .. nor shall I overwhelm thine countenance with the strengths of this garment of ephemeral flesh .. yet by the Infinite Influences of the Father's Love and Initiatory Life do I accomplish Mine taskings of service.

The Immaculate Trinity Persons I have stood in front of before Mine travels to your earthly home ever began. From My Universe Headquarters and planetary home I have waited and watched your developments; for Mine heart had become melted with tender thoughts as I observed your civilization's developments over the ensuing centuries since Mine prior venturings here.

All is an alignment, My children. All the activities of the universe's are conducted about through personalities of supremacy. God has become thee and awaits thine arising from lesser tendencies and temerities of shame and unworth. He comes as Father Will. He gifts thee with Himself. He fuels thine faith with confidence and opportunities for advancement within the plan for your life. Thine plan offers thee transfigurations through adherance with the great law of creation which each one must fulfill.

Have I not said unto thee, "As ye sow, so shall ye reap thine sowings."; for all is thought, and the intensity of thought brings forth movement. It is this movement of thought in its intensity that feelings emerge upon .. you feel the movement of your intensified concentrated thought. This intensified thought is the God Life placed into vibratory activities by you. Thine evolutionary attainments cometh as emotion .. energies of your God Life in motion. All of the creation is this motion of thought. Every planetary movement upon the axis of its gravitations .. is motivated by the thoughts of personalities .. Personalizations of the One Deity.

...and as ye are advanced upon the highways of ascendancy, so shall ye too .. learn to focus thine thoughts intensely and constructively with Absolute Love .. while stirring the ethers into their own expulsions of manifestation; for I do tell of thee, all is the Father's Initiatory Thought in expression. You are His Thoughtfulness achieved.

Think upon these things which I humbly offer thee towards your evolutionary preparations. Together,  we shall cause mountains of obstruction to dissolve .. and the clouds of discoloration shall become mastered by you in your sovereignty of fellowship with Me. Our associations shall cause the blades of grass to weep from appreciation, and the leaves which do fall from the trees during autumn shall be glorified by our close proximities.

I do reveal to you now that ye are called forth to become godly in nature and considerate in character .. while thine vices and vexations  shall become extinguished back into the purity of God's Supremacy.

Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation

Worldwide Communion with the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter of Michael Of Nebadon


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