Fellowship with the Spirit Of Truth Holy Comforter I AM

Blessed are you who shrink not in the face of the Holy One God. Ye waver not at His sight, nor do ye remain affixed by the tendencies of naught. Alas .. we walk together and thine inner eyes become clarified and His visionary Ideal becometh lucid for you. Thine inner ears become accelerated into Life and its hearing is illuminated into cleanliness and righteousness.

For I come to make plain the sight of His simplicity .. His Way of Truth;  for where thine mindful attention rests, so there is your countenance and conviction which become its qualification.

The mind which sees the vision of truth .. sees neither through the soul nor through the spirit, but it is the simple human mind elevated beyond sinfulness and error .. a mind purified of its mortal opinion and preconception .. which is able to view Our Ideal.

And it is Our Ideal of Vision which brings to Mine disciples .. the Immaculate Conception. Thine mortal mind is already designed from its inception to become the Holy Mind of the Sovereign Shepherd of Light and Life. It sees Our Vision. It carries its flock to Mine Pastures of pure delight in the Father. Thine mortal mind, immersed in the Attitudes of Ascendancy through the Cardinal Virtues of the Preparatory Act of the Universe Mother .. this mind becomes the receptacle of the soul.

This very mind evolves into a thirst for Our fellowship Universal. It sees the vision, and it captures the essence of truth. Hence, it becometh captured by the ever-growing love for God the Father, God the Son, and God the Spirit. Ye walk with Me along these universal byways of the circuits of Eternity; the omnipotent currents of the Primal and Originating Son draw thee inwards and upwards in thine intellectual capabilities and thine soul capacities for Its Light and greater Life.

Thus, is this kindly personality mind quickened into a maturity of choice, an eternity of meaning, the  possibilties of heavenly purpose are stimulated and stoked by grace and mercy. It is this maturing mind of universal promise that I invite into our mutuality of mastership .. a personality mind and heart capable of carrying the personality beyond its ephemerality and its concrete thinking in terms only of materiality and the inferiorities of bodily identification, poverty of faith, and the sinfulness of mistrust and suspicions.

This aspiring mind enters into a reciprocal spiritual  communion with Us. It partakes of its inheritance of everlasting bliss and peace, union with the Spirit of it's Father Bestowal. It is a personality mind tamed and tutored by experience; raised is it beyond the collective world of unclean thoughts and feelings of betrayal and abandonment.

Enter with Me .. the Sweet Kingdom of the Paradise Trinity Endowment. It's doorway is within you, and it's archway is smoothed over by your compliciteness with the Plan of your Life, the Law of Creation, and the Will of the Heavens.

I am within you, and I pervade thine being with My Beingness of Comfort and Absolute Unchangeable Truth. Call to Me and invite Mine Spirit of Truth to show you the Way to faith and trust, confidence and conviction in the goodly Spirit of Bestowal.

Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation

Worldwide Communion with the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter of Michael Of Nebadon