Attentions of Advancement

The unfoldment of the God Force occurs through your own Individualized God Identity one day at a time. This great search for God must become for thee an unwavering and immoveable momentum in order that ye break free of every obstacle and humanly placed obstruction to His revelation.

Thusly .. ye are to conduct thyself as the Shepherd of Sovereignty and Supremacy .. the One who facilitates your own awakening of this Pure Selfhood. unconditional giving of thineself .. a bestowal of your human mortal love combined with the Sevenfold Verities of the Comforter I AM.

These seven powers and divine prosperities of love and attention are always attended by amazing and incredible discoveries of renewed mind and the greater love of the heart which seeks it's beloved and finds this companion in the Spirit of God.

First .. the Virtues and Values of the Preparatory Act of God the Spirit Mother of this our universe prepare thee for thine ascent to the very pinnacle of the mountain range.

Her Virtues and Values create a righteousness of character and a divine receptivity in consciousness, strengthening your decisions of discovery, crystalizing your choices of consternation and consecration, protecting thine priorities in alignment with our eternal meanings and purpose; for ye are drawn inwards in thine search for love eternal and upwards in thine revelation of Self and the rightful use of free will in your adorational worship of Life.

These seven Cardinal Virtues and Values of the Universe Mother Spirit are the initial attitudes of ascendancy carrying the personality mind from the tethers of materiality and concrete thinking .. black and white extremes of thought .. into spiritualizing this mind .. divinizing your vibratory activity .. and unifying all thoughts into the possibility for the higher evolutionary adjustments of abstract thought and Our unifying vision.

Then cometh Mine Comforter Spirit Vision of Truth to guide thine propensities of purpose .. Mine Verities of the divine authority in you to free thyself from every ailing habiliment .. Mine Cardinal Comforter Virtues do I bring your attention into .. Virtues and Qualities already in you which are the prevailing attitudes of approach to the Father's Initiatory Life and His Kingdom of Light and Life.

I am thine Creator Father Son Michael .. the Truth of Father Son Personified for this our universe. I stand with you in your journey to freedom. I surround you .. interpenetrating you as guide and teacher .. comforting counsel and conviction of faith and truth and trust. Our eternal association brings thee empowerment and empathy .. evolutionary progression and everlasting dominion. Our luminosity of fellowship communion together adjusts your existence into awareness and allegiance .. alignment of heart and the attentions of advancement.

I come to make the blind to see .. and the deafness of humankind to hear .. the dumb to speak truth and love .. and to give Life and sustenance to the disabled of body and mind who have given up their walking towards the Universal Father Son Spirit.

Michael Of Nebadon
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