Approach of Ascendancy

I am Michael of this our universe...

I come to make the blind to see and to unwax the ears of the deaf .. to silence the dumb ones whose vice and habits of disgrace shall be extinguished in favor of the Immaculate Conception.

I come to shine His brilliance of heart unto the fallen faculties of humanity and their individual proponents and representatives of ill disrepute. The personalities of thine uncivilized culture are of the ones who cultivate darkness and ignorance through directing the populace towards materializing aspirations .. the ones who have drunken the liquores of arrogance and atrophy .. those personalities who have made a worldly name for themselves amongst thine brethren .. and who bring their sickness of inferiorities of every kind which are the masking influences temporarily covering over the Purity of His Presence ..

Come now beyond the unconscious rapists of life who in their own failure upon the pathway of light would attempt to deter others from their own escalations into empowerment and empathy .. evolutionary progression and everlasting dominion.

Thou selves of the One Godhood .. mine universe children of the Immaculate Selfhood of the Universal Father .. arise unto the avenues of our ascendancy.

Gift thyself with His glory by provoking thine aspirations unto the Universe Mother Spirit Virtues which lead thee to victorious attainment in the Father's Initiatory Life.

Her Spirit Virtues shape thine material mind into Our Spiritualizing Soul which yearns for its freedoms and hungers for My Manna of the Heavenly Host.

Take Mine Hand Universal which I outstretch unto thee for thine benefaction. Learn the Vision of the Originating Son of Righteousness and walk with Me upwards to the Kingdom of His Supremacy.

My Comforter Spirit interpenetrates thee .. surrounding thee .. one with the Father AM I. My Cardinal Verities are the Eternal Way .. the Approach of Ascendancy which shall unerringly open thine Eyes of Eternity.

I AM Michael Of Nebadon .. thine Father Son Personified .. Consciousness of God the Sevenfold .. Infinite Spirit Unified.

Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation