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Mine Taskings of Universal Service to Humanity are Growing Upward

I am bidden by the Paradise Deities to come unto the humanity.. to infiltrate thine intellectual prowess .. to win over the hearts and minds of societal sophistication .. to penetrate the veils of thine forgetfulness.

I raise all things and creatures and mortal kingdoms into this revelation of their righteousness, not by Mine mortal hands alone .. nor shall I overwhelm thine countenance with the strengths of this garment of ephemeral flesh .. yet by the Infinite Influences of the Father's Love and Initiatory Life do I accomplish Mine taskings of service.

The Immaculate Trinity Persons I have stood in front of before Mine travels to your earthly home ever began. From My Universe Headquarters and planetary home I have waited and watched your developments; for Mine heart had become melted with tender thoughts as I observed your civilization's developments over the ensuing centuries since Mine prior venturings here.

All is an alignment, My children. All the activities of the univer…

Thou Child of Earthly Pastures

Thou Mine children of this terrestrial pasture .. your sincerity and straight-forward desires for love and truth do provoke Mine Universal Heart. I Love you and I give to you of My Spirit that ye may grow thine character into a vadt renewal of priorities in heart and mind. Thine faith conviction for the Father shall become thou .. quickened so as to emerge in you .. and ye shall become accelerated in these coming days as you ask of Me to give you the greater Substances of Pure Life which are entrusted in My Universal Station.

I am the only Christ Michael embodied, and as I do come in the simplicity of the Father's way to penetrate thine humanity and to infiltrate the sophisticated intellectual fibers of thine Race .. the Father Himself shall reveal to you Mine appearance upon the play of your Humankind.

In this first year of My public ministry upon the earth, I do gather momentum for the Father God to stir the embers of the hearts of humankind .. and to clarify Mine words of olden y…

Attentions of Advancement

The unfoldment of the God Force occurs through your own Individualized God Identity one day at a time. This great search for God must become for thee an unwavering and immoveable momentum in order that ye break free of every obstacle and humanly placed obstruction to His revelation.

Thusly .. ye are to conduct thyself as the Shepherd of Sovereignty and Supremacy .. the One who facilitates your own awakening of this Pure Selfhood. unconditional giving of thineself .. a bestowal of your human mortal love combined with the Sevenfold Verities of the Comforter I AM.

These seven powers and divine prosperities of love and attention are always attended by amazing and incredible discoveries of renewed mind and the greater love of the heart which seeks it's beloved and finds this companion in the Spirit of God.

First .. the Virtues and Values of the Preparatory Act of God the Spirit Mother of this our universe prepare thee for thine ascent to the very pinnacle of the mountain range…

Approach of Ascendancy

I am Michael of this our universe...

I come to make the blind to see and to unwax the ears of the deaf .. to silence the dumb ones whose vice and habits of disgrace shall be extinguished in favor of the Immaculate Conception.

I come to shine His brilliance of heart unto the fallen faculties of humanity and their individual proponents and representatives of ill disrepute. The personalities of thine uncivilized culture are of the ones who cultivate darkness and ignorance through directing the populace towards materializing aspirations .. the ones who have drunken the liquores of arrogance and atrophy .. those personalities who have made a worldly name for themselves amongst thine brethren .. and who bring their sickness of inferiorities of every kind which are the masking influences temporarily covering over the Purity of His Presence ..

Come now beyond the unconscious rapists of life who in their own failure upon the pathway of light would attempt to deter others from their own esca…

Raise Thyself into Promise and Potentiality

Be thou a child of the universe who strives to perfect themselves unto righteousness and respect .. responsibility and receptivity .. as the Universal Father has decreed for all of His Life.

Judge not, that ye be raising thyself into Wholeness. For with what mind ye judge others ye shall be setting vibratory activities in movement in you. Thine influences of thought and feeling bring measure that ye must mete well before ye are allowed to serve the Planetary Administration.

...and all that ye have brought into vibratory activities .. these things shall be measured to you again. Ye shalt be caused to bring harmony and justice to all thine activities.

And why shall ye hold in mind the error of another .. and yet .. considerest not thine own misqualification of error and unhappiness? Advise not any others until ye are cleansed with completeness. Be not tempted to teach and instruct from your ignorance and sorrowful arrogance until ye are given to thine own Selfhood of Divinity.


Holy Comforter

Mis Verdades Cardinales son las Verdades de tu libre albedrío.

El Discipulado Conmigo hace necesario que descubras y desarrolles las Virtudes del Espíritu Consolador en tu personalidad.

Algunas de las Virtudes del Consolador son las D’s:


Las Virtudes Cardinales del Consolador son el apoyo necesario… la máquina y el combustible… las cuales te impulsan hacia la aplicación diaria de las Verdades del Consolador.

Las Verdades de la Vida Eterna… el Reino de la Verdad Absoluta Inmutable.

Las Verdades de Mi Consciencia Consoladora:

Invocación, Alabanzas de Adoración


Identificación e Introspección de fe, Imaginación y Confianza.

Indagación para el cumplimiento de la Ley de Armonía y Felicidad.

Imaginación con Introspección de Fe e Identificación.

Yoga de la Impregnación.

Comandos de Invitación y Decretos a Dios de parte del Pastor Soberano.

Bienaventurados son los Pastores de Salvington College quienes están dedicados a su l…

Fellowship with the Spirit Of Truth Holy Comforter I AM

Blessed are you who shrink not in the face of the Holy One God. Ye waver not at His sight, nor do ye remain affixed by the tendencies of naught. Alas .. we walk together and thine inner eyes become clarified and His visionary Ideal becometh lucid for you. Thine inner ears become accelerated into Life and its hearing is illuminated into cleanliness and righteousness.For I come to make plain the sight of His simplicity .. His Way of Truth;  for where thine mindful attention rests, so there is your countenance and conviction which become its qualification.The mind which sees the vision of truth .. sees neither through the soul nor through the spirit, but it is the simple human mind elevated beyond sinfulness and error .. a mind purified of its mortal opinion and preconception .. which is able to view Our Ideal. And it is Our Ideal of Vision which brings to Mine disciples .. the Immaculate Conception. Thine mortal mind is already designed from its inception to become the Holy Mind of the …

Our Universal Tribe of Nebadon

I say unto you with a heart saddened by the state of humanity's affairs .. ye are necessary and ye are wanted in this our Universe. You have a place here with Me .. with the beloved Universal Administration of Nebadon. You are needed and ye are a very necessary member of the 'Universal Tribe'.Ye hold a very great place in the universes .. a tremendous purpose, and an eternal meaning which you must allow to blossom and expand. Thine individuality .. it's uniqueness and differences .. this is especially invited and wanted.I say .. ye are invited to enter into My Father's Kingdom. To evolve into thine place and position in existence. To enter our universal civilization .. our culture .. universally speaking.Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation
The Universal Family Worldwide Activities***Te digo a ti con el corazón …

The Everlasting V's of Victory in the Universal Father

Mine Cardinal Verities of the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter open the Eyes of God thou art...and these mine Verities are nurtured and supported with the Comforter Virtues and the Vision of the Spirit of Truth. These V's create your uniquely personal experiences, your Validations of Spirit, your Valuations to measure your growth and clarify your advancements of the Paradise Career of thine Personality Soul.The 7 Verities of the Comforter and their Corresponding and Supporting Virtues build and grow the Father Son Spirit Vision for thee.1. Invoke with the A's2. Instruct thyself with Mine Word and the Sacred C's3. Identify with the One God applying the D's of your Declarations of Truth4. Inquire to discern the aught from the naught .. the truth from the false
Inquire to bring harmony to your misqualified conditions through transfiguration and the disciplines of the R's of Remembrance5. Invision with the higher Mind .. insight, perception, intuition .. that allows mind…

Thine Being Dwells in His Divinity

...and which one of thee by gestures human and mortal shall find their way into My Father's Kingdom? How shall ye attend to His Pastures with thine mere mortal frame? I say to thee .. ye are His offshoots .. His ever sprouting grains of Life who doth live and move and have thine being in Him...Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation

Seek the Higher Values of Our Eternity

Seek the higher values of eternity. Embody these virtues and watch thine choices become clearer and thine decisions to become filled to overflowing with definitiveness and decisiveness .. divine desire and discernment.As ye seek to conduct thine Life of God the Father with upward sincerity and inward declarations of Love .. then shall ye discover righteousness and rectitude .. realization of Truth and regeneration of all mistaken ideologies and miswoven identities.For ye are His Individualized Identity in time and space creation...Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Of Nebadon, The Americas
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation, Latinoamerica
Fundación Micael de Nebadon***Busca los Valores de la Eternidad. Encarna las Virtudes y observa que tus elecciones y decisiones que se llenen de una rebosante e insuperable decisión… deseo Di…

The Son of Man Cometh Unexpectedly

The Son of Man Cometh UnexpectedlyI do say unto you beloveds of this twenty-first century .. focus not thine thoughts for your life upon what ye shall eat, neither concern thyself with the endless demands of the flesh body, nor shall ye place thine overt attentions on thine fashions and attires of cloth.Thine Life is the very God Life who has bestowed upon thee His Life .. His Spirit of Consciousness.Thine Life is more than food and drink, and the body is more than a garment which ye have placed upon thyself. Consider the tender chirping birds at morning's glory who sing praises to their Father Mother of all Existence .. for they neither sow nor reap; neither do they store under rooftop their cravings and accomplishments. God feedeth them according to His Way and Time.And are ye not worthy of attracting the very same as the fools and the ones of feather and wing?And which of you by provoking thine thought upon the ethers can truly advance thineselves into greater measure? I say to…