Universal Citizenship

I am the One sent by the Father Son Spirit of Existence to give Life more abundant to My children of this planetary orb.

He and she who comes to the Father's Initiatory Life must walk within My Hand Universal. For His Primordial Kingdom is His Immaculate Thought .. His Immaculate Nature .. and His Immaculate Conception. And ye are required to cleanse thyselves of all mortal debris of thought and feeling.

Ye are needed to prepare for thine entrance eternal into His domain wherein ye shall become a member in good stature of the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Nebadon throughout this universe.

I am come to prepare thee for this excursion into Universal Citizenship.  It is your necessary initiation .. the very precision of becoming born again into Light and Life. It is the precise way of Our Protocol of Relationship in Nebadon.

All must follow Us with their acknowledgement of the Father's Life .. their appreciation for their mortal existence .. their unwavering allegiance to Love Absolute.

These are just a few of the Cardinal Virtues and Values of My Spirit of Truth. These are the ways and the means to attain to the more abundant Life everlasting.

Ye are initially preparing thyself with the Mother and the Planetary Host.  You are gaining your traction .. momentums of light and life by requalifying your misqualifications of error and misalignment. Ye are correcting and growing properly your character traits and personal consciousness into our universal meanings and divine understandings. You are getting acquainted with our Relationship Protocol .. Our Way and Truth and Life .. which exists everywhere throughout the almost infinite creation.

And now .. you stand upon that momentary convergence wherein matter and Spirit are destined to meet eternally. The inner and the outer shall converge as One. The higher and the lower shall blend into the new Order of being for humanity to emerge into. Just as the caterpillar must enter the cocoon of its own transformation .. and it then shall emerge into the completion of itself as a new type of being.

Humankind shall arise upon My Universal Shoulders and Station. They shall become this new Order of Eternity.  Each shall enter into the Father's Initiatory Life .. His Primordial Kingdom of Discipleship together with thine Brothers and Sisters Ascendant.

Gather thine strength of mind and thine purity of heart. Choose thou wisely and with sincerity and dignity the directions ye shall take; for no one other than yourself may decide for you to walk with Us into the Immortality of thine Golden Inheritance as a participant of our Universal Citizenship.

I come to gather the weary and the lost .. the ones who have been attempting to regain their vision and stature. I come for you.

Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation


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