Thine Galaxy Awaits Contact

Blessed are they who honor the Father's Initiatory Life and Originating Thought;  for these are My disciples who shall become quickened and refined .. redeemed and resurrected into their graduation from the earth lifetimes of learning through the forms of pleasure and pain.

I come .. once again into thine realm of living. I have taken the human form and shall draw all men and women with the courage for Truth into My Consciousness.

I shall cause thine humanity to grow into the fullness of their inheritance of love.

I shall gift this civilization with the understanding tenets of freedom and maturity.

I shall stir the embers of thine density into light and life so that you become unfrozen and unlethargic .. in order to walk with Us into the Father's Illumination and His Initiatory Kingdom.

I shall shake thine parasites of misqualified  thought and feeling unto righteousness and rectitude. Thine character will become now free from its rebellious nature.

Ye shall be mesmerized by thine own blindness and deafness. Ye shall become awakened into the great remembrance of our Universal Fellowship together.

Thine civilization shall become re-encircuited with the rest of this system of world's .. and even the greater galaxy shall become accessible to you...

Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation


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