Seekers and Aspirants of God

Come unto Me .. thou seekers and aspirants .. and I shall make thee disciples of Truth and Honor, Love and Mercy, Illumination and Empowerments Universal.

I say to you who come with receptivity in their hearts .. there are seekers who come to discern of Me and mine way .. to attempt to figure out if there is something here for themselves to ponder and explore. These shall come in greater numbers. They shall become welcomed and attended to, and My offering to these personality souls shall be to gather their strength and forces of character through studying the Cardinal Virtues of the Mother and I.

They shall learn of the need to fertilize the mind and heart into a greater receptivity and discipline.

They shall become enobled with courage and understanding .. to give themselves to Our Mercy and Forgiveness.

There are those who have found our universal purpose and eternal meaning .. our everlasting values .. and those who aspire toward the Ideal, yet these are as of yet unwilling to give all of themselves into our care and fellowship.

They seek to 'do it on their own', and to take upon themselves the cross of their own misqualifications in preparing to surrender and sacrifice all, to become more selfless and silent in their achievements.

They are then made ready to honor the Universal Protocol of Father Son Spirit.

Yet do they each still possess some of the subtle mistrusts and struggles with their faith vision. They are hesitant to pick up their cross of miscreations .. preferring to read and ponder longer.

There are Mine disciples; for I and the Father Son are One. I am one with the Universe Mother.

These more greatly disciplined ones .. they come to give and to serve, to equip themselves with growth in their character, consciousness, and to become the nature of the Father Mother God .. and the values and virtues of the Universe Mother.

They invite Me through Mine Comforter to engage with themselves in their efforts and longings for completion.

These disciples are the disciplined ones of superb honor and motivation; for their lifetimes of constructively qualified momentums have carried them to Mine doorstep .. mine Pastures of Awareness.

They are the ones who shall arise and become the true sons and daughters of the Immaculate One through the sacred ritual of the divine marriage of the higher and the lesser nature...

These are the ones which I invite into Salvington to be guided deeper and broader, fuller and into the higher illumination of permanent attainments and universal service using their gifts from ages and eons of development.

These are the ones who are in the preparations necessary to graduate from the evolutionary journey of all lifetimes within the earth; for they are in alignment and made ready after lifetimes of their own inner choices and decisions .. their preparations to attain to the initiation of the Second Birth into Universe Citizenship.

Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation


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