Adonai Universal

Give thine A's of Adorational Worship to the Father's Initiatory Life in you.  His Spirit Bestowal comes to participate and invite every personality to develop righteousness and respect .. receptivity and rectitude in accordance with His Will.

This Spirit of Bestowal is the very Will of the Universal Father participating with each and every personality mind .. maturing mind and personhood into an eternal soul fellowship with the Father Son Spirit.

His Will delineates for you the way and truth and life of the One God; so that you search for Him and develop a consciousness of God. That you desire to know Him in you and as your true Selfhood;  for He is the Immaculate Emptiness of Unchangeable and Unconditional Glory.

I tell thee .. seek Him behind thine own breathing. Search for Him beyond the boundaries of your thinkings. Strive for Him in tbe midst of thine chaos .. as He shall bring Order to your chaos and unhappiness.  He develops in you the capacity to be His receptacle of Grace and Mercy.

Hence .. His peace is His prosperity unleashed. His Pure Emptiness awaits thine dissolution.

I come to make the unsteady .. steady and willing.  To bring conviction to thine faithlessness.

Be thou focusing upon the Unconditional Life of God the Father. Through thine Invisioning Faith and Trustful Imagination .. ye shall be developing true sight and vision.

I AM the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter surrounding thee at all times. Subtleties of Mi e Force and Confidence shall shower you with My Truth and Understanding.  My Justice and Eternal Potencies shall give thee Unending and limitless Impulse and determination .. the purity of the divine drive to persevere in your quest for freedom unconditionally from every obstruction to peace.

My Threefold Essence of our Universal Protocol requires respect .. receptivity .. and responsibility .. for the God Life in you.

Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation