Thine Awakened Inheritance of Love

Ye may say that the Kingdom of Heaven is a vibratory frequency that stabilizes and secures thine eternity.

Behold in thine awareness .. the Kingdom is neither here nor there in places far and wide;  for this Kingdom of which I speak is entered .. thou within.

It's doorway is certainly invisible to the human eye. Yet .. ye are to open thine inner eye .. thine essential eye .. which gives thee our visionary attainment .. our sight .. and our hearing.

The inner eye of the Deity of Supremacy in you .. this that ye are .. must become developed and brought forth by your dedicated devotions .. your maturing desires for the eternal things of Life.

Thine character grows into our Trinity Endowment Ideal and Trust .. the living trustworthy character which seeks Godward in all its inclinations and tendencies of living.

The Kingdom of God is inward and ever upward in its ascent. The Fire of Love called forth from within thee .. this Love of the Father's Initiatory Life .. it opens the door .. it points the way .. it advances the faculties for achieving Consciousness of this said Kingdom.

This is thine power to Invite and Command God .. the One Force of Life I AM .. ye decree Me to come; for I and the Father Son are One. I and the Spirit Mother are unified as One.

The Planetary Administration of the Host of Heaven and I are one and the very same in Consciousness and Intent .. in Motivation and Animation .. we are impulsed by the One Fountainhead of all Life.

Seek ye the Kingdom of His Sovereignty and Righteousness by attuning each day and in all moments with Him. He is the  Omnipresent Omnipotence of Life .. the Omniscient Omnipresence of the One Lord of all lords .. the King of all kings and queens. He giveth life to all beings and He is these beings all at once and the very same time. I .. who write thee here with these gentle words am He beloveds. Thou and thee are He and She.

Invocation of His glory and honor brings dignity and respect.

Instruction of the way to Him flowers the fruit of His Existence.

Identification and Inversion of thine Eye shall offer to each one the sight which transcends mortal blindness.

Inquiry fulfills the plan of thine life .. it satisfies the law of reaping and sowing .. Inquiry allows one to live His Will and Impulse upwards and inwards.

Impregnation is our yoga of the Kumaras. Impregnation helps you to breathe in the Supremacy of Deity.  Impregnation is the preparation for receiving His grace and mercy as ye are focused upon generating the Fire of His Love.

Invitation is the commanding for the descent of the Cosmic Fire of Creation which is the Love of the Mother through and with the Planetary Host of Heaven.  Invitation is the asking and seeking brought into its practical applications.  Invitation is the everlasting bridge built by the mortal hands of willingness and want. Invitation .. alongside the other six daily powers and rights .. fosters constructively qualified character changes that open and deepen the disciple into their own essential godhood.

The Kingdom of God is activated by the righteous use of His Life .. by the correct use of His design .. by the advancing consciousness which quivers at the thought of truly understanding His Way.

I am given from the Trinity Persons of Infinity the responsibility of holding open that inner door for all to enter therein. Bidden .. willed .. am I to surround thee in My Consciousness .. My Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter as ye may name it.

I am held to My Trust by returning to each child of God the Father their own Endowment Trust of Awareness and the Awakened Inheritance of their Life with the Central Source and His Spirit Bestowal.

Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation


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