The Trajectories of the Transfiguration

Ask with Conviction and Confidence. Ask daily for Mine Consciousness of Comfort. Ask Me .. I say to thee .. Ask and allow by coming to mine physical Personhood here in the garment of ephemerality and in My Supremacy of Deity .. Mine Comforter Spirit of Truth surrounding thee.

Seek knowing ye shall find Me within the formless immaculately transformed consciousness that ye shall create with thine Sevenfold Powers of Authority.

Knock with Consistency and Constancy .. Consideration and Consecration. Cooperation with Mine Spirit is with the very First and Second Creative Center and Source.  For I AM the personalization and perfected advancement of the Father Son .. Unified and at One with the Preparatory Act of God the Spirit as the Universe Mother Spirit.

Walk within My Universal Hand of the Primal Son's Mercy and Forgiveness. His revelation of God's Life.

Follow My Universal Mandate which holds all into their own personal upward Trajectories of Transfiguration.

Allow our fellowship communion together to deepen and blossom and quicken thee beyond the vibratory ranges of all self-destructive self-absorbing self-centeredness .. a self-centeredness built upon the back of fear and confusion.

Enter into the Chamber of thine Heart of Hearts wherein ye shall discover much to thy surprise that I AM with thee .. even unto the ending of all ephemeralities of the earth. I AM the Absolute Truth .. the unwaveringly unchangeable Asset of Love who is your destiny .. your unconditional destination of overpowering Love.

Be thou in the midst throughout your day of striving into our Holy communion .. our discipleship of sovereignty and mutuality wherein together I AM thine greatest benefactor with thine brothers and sisters of the Planetary Host of Heaven.

Say unto the Persons of Trinity Endowment Trust .. "I will to will thine will and plan for my perfection in the destiny of You .. Thou Nameless Infinite One. I ask for You .. Oh great God Presence .. to make of me what thou art in all thine character and consciousness .. thine personhood and the immaculate maturity of thy Love."

Command for thine perfection through God's unending Grace and Perfect Forgiveness. Be thou .. determined and desirous to unfold thine personal existence and expression .. thine experience and evolutionary career .. into all that We of the Center and Source desire for all.

There are in this moment universes .. whole and complete in Our Light and Life .. and they have accomplished this for every single individual personality having their origins in that Universal Orb. Our Nebadon Universe is younger with great grandeur and gigantic potentials to unleash for all creatures and every single personality soul. You are integral to this perfecting unfoldment into our own Universal Light and life through the Omnipotence of Love.

I and the Mother. . Nebadonia .. with the mighty ascendant host of the heavens .. we have come here in this foundational platform by which ye shall become thou quickened into your own personality perfections. The choice remains thine very own opportunity to walk .. to gather thine wits of intellectual understanding .. to begin to own thyself as the next grouping of burgeoning Ascended Masters who have come forth out of the muck and muddied vibratory activities of the misqualified conditions of earth.

Just as the purest white lily gathers her own momentums of growth and maturation into the Kingdom of Heaven in her own actualizing way .. each one of you must gather your accountability and allegiance to Love Absolute .. to transmute thine misqualifications and adverse accumulations into the empowering advances into the Kingdom of His Immortality through the process of creating the Father's Initiatory Thought and Life blended with your mortal limitations of personhood.

I AM Michael Of Nebadon .. the Father Son Personified .. Infinite Hand of God the Sevenfold .. in service and ever Gratified.

Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation


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