Mine Instruction is the Eternal Word of the Primal Son

The Embracing Eternity Exercises: Instruction

These Daily Exercises are the Sevenfold Powers of free will Authority.

Instruction .. to read slowly and assimilate the meanings and significance of the words. To commune one to one with the mind of the instructor .. or the one conveying instruction.

Instruction requires perception checking .. confirming that what is being written or said .. AND .. what is being understood .. that these are one and the same.

Instruction must enter "IN". Thine studies with Me begin and end with our Instruction. Instruction is the very foundational thought which forms our Ideal and Trust. It endows the seeker .. aspirant .. and ultimately .. the disciple who must factor in the disciplines of it's applications daily.

Instruction must be received with Consideration and Concentration .. Collaboration and Consistency. Ye must build upon these Cardinal Virtues of the Comforter Spirit.

Instruction begins to construct your mind .. it's thoughts and conceptualizations. Instruction grows in the student only as it is received with purity and patience; for ye shall not take mine words through association and derivation with another.  Ye shall receive of Me .. mine Mind .. One syllable at a time .. One conceiving and one structure.

When you read .. open and clear your own thoughts. Let not Mine words of Instruction rebound within the reservoirs of thine thinkings and stimulate thine own conceptualization .. thine own conceivings. Allow thyself to receive of mine Mindful thinkings purely and directly. Receive of each one to another with purity and consideration .. consistency and consecration . This is to place aside your own prior thinkings .. opinions and assumptions .. associations and arrogances .. in order to humbly receive of another.

To give IS to receive.  To give to thyself is to receive of yourself in thine purity. To give to another is to receive of them. For giving is not displaying with "pomp and vanity" your wares .. your great intellects of all which ye have conceived over time and space.

Give by receptivity. Wholeheartedly giving thyself to God thou art who is the enfolding emanation .. the all-permeating Ocean of Primordial Emptiness.  He is empty of all conditions.  His nature is Emptiness of all barriers. His Identity is empty of all other identities which would cause him to flounder and to waver in His Purity.

You .. in seeking and finding God .. ye must advance thyself by emptying. Instruction prefers you to empty out all preconceptions so that you become immaculately conceived once again.

Instruction carries the seeker into discoveries unknown .. beyond the thoughts and feelings which have already been conceived.

Instruction awakens the aspirant to the Absoluteness of our Trustful Ideal.

Instruction directs the true disciple into their discipleship. It provokes their dedication.  Instruction drives the mortal thinkings into immortal knowings. Instruction awakens Cause and dissolves the extremities of the effects.

Instruction Is!

Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation


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