Eternal Attainment and Immortal Potentiality Unfurled

Spend time and the quiet effort of going deeply into understanding My teachings to humankind.

A contemplative space with My Atonement Ideal in the early mornings before the vibratory activities of the world begin to settle into your field of consciousness .. this sort of approach to learning will do great wonders to those willing to learn and grow into Absolute Truth and the fuller Abstract Thought .. the Initiatory Thought and Life of God the Father in you.

Read mine words. Allow it's significance to penetrate the veils of your outer  intellectual understanding.

Let your opinions and interpretations soften in you; for the true seeker must come to the mountaintop of our knowledge and understanding .. our mastery and realization.

Bring not Mine new wine into your wineskins of olden subjectivity. Mine Wine is My Word .. and ye must partake of mine Word without mixing it with the lesser wines of the worldly minded.

These lesser wines are a cheap mixture of a multitude of grapes from various wineries. The lesser wines are cheaper because they are impure .. having been harvested from many sources.

While .. Mine Grapes have all been grown from carefully tended seeds. They have been tested in taste and viscosity. Their juice is potent with the eternal potencial of truth and love.

Drink wisely of mine Wine .. this New Wine from the antiquities of perfection. It hath it's qualities .. it's potencies bringing clarity from confusions .. peace and harmony from disturbances and disharmonies brought on by worldly ignorance and lethargies.

Mine Wine is My Eternal Word which I AM. It hath a power and grace which nurtures and calms the beastly elements in the human mortal frame.

I come to illuminate thine way to glory .. one with the Father’s Initiatory Life and His Immaculate Thought...

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