Cardinal Virtues and Values of Eternity

The Cardinal Virtues and Values of Nebadonia .. the Universe Mother Spirit .. are to be contemplated, woven, and absorbed into Consciousness.

She is the very Source of all mind within our Nebadon Universe.  Her Spirit Virtues have come to each personality with the express purpose of laying down the foundations of character .. and the impetus .. the primordial values .. for greater receptivity to Truth and Love.

Every personality comes into their own developing soul .. they emerge and becometh a 'living soul' once these Cardinal Virtues and Values are encircuited throughout their mind and will.

The Cardinal Virtues and Values of Nebadonia begin with Pure Worship .. and the mind overflowing with a love for the Pure Worship of giving back to it's Source of Life and it's destination in existence .. this sort of mind develops righteousness and respect for the Life of God the Father Source. Righteousness and respect open the personality mind into becoming master over all lesser inclinations and habitual tendencies.

A mind willing to surrender and expand it's free will decisions to the greater Mind of Wholeness and tbe Higher Spirit of it's own Selfhood .. this personality mind advances into the greater Selfhood of the soul receptacle for the advancing career into Our Universal Fellowship and Eternal Association together.

Pure Worship unleashes pure character in the personality soul;  for the mortal mind begins to emerge into the immortal soul .. ready and willing to unthrottle itself into everlasting Wisdom .. Knowledge .. Understanding .. Courage and Counsel .. Intuition and the possibilities for advancing into the Absolute Initiatory Thought and Life of it's promised destiny at one with the Giver of that Life and Existence...

I .. Michael of this Nebadon Universe .. do come into the living of thine pastures to guide Mine flock into Wholeness and Happiness .. Unity and Love .. Mercy through the Wholehearted decision to cooperate with Us into a mutuality of collaboration together in the quickening evolution of the Father's Plan .. His illustrious Law of Justice .. and His Immensely beneficial Will of Love Absolute.

Mine brethren and benevolence of Universal Family .. Love Absolute is the way .. the Truth .. and awakens the Life .. of the Initiatory Thought of Perfection of God the Father in you wherein you become the Kingdom of Heaven upon the earth.

Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation


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