All Creatures are Precious and Holy in My Sight

I AM the Ocean of Primordial Emptiness. . . All are within Me. I salute with full adorational worship the Fountainhead of all Life.

Perceive thyself as the Immaculate Selfhood.  Invisionment of faith and Deepening of Imagination. . Knowing God is Omnipresent throughout Infinity.

Let go of all lesser identifications. . .

Gain thine harmony and happiness from sacrificing all erroneous conditioning and misidentified relating.

Be in our relationship with and as the Unconditional Life of God.

Hold firmly in this use of the two Sevenfold Powers of Authority

Identification Inversion and Invisioning Imagination of faith trust devotion harnesses the powers of righteousness in you.

Ye must .. in full conviction of faith .. stand in and AS this Omnipresent One

Walk with Me .. is to taketh mine Hand Universal .. to become as I AM.

Ye are not less than nor more than. Ye are the same One Deity of Supremacy. The Immaculate Unchangeable Truth.  The everpresent undeniably exquisite Beauty of God.

Be as He is in thine nature and identity. Walk in this faithful understanding that God is Omnipresent as One Being and Power. Everywhere is He.  There is no space anywhere absent of His glory and abundant Life.

Ye are called upward into the great dissolution .. the artful lawful obedience of collapsing thy lesser identities into him; for ye shall not have any other idols before Him. No other identities nor relationships shall take priority.  Only His glory in you. Begin in thyself. Own thyself. Walk as the One God .. finite and in loving adorational appreciation and allegiance of the Source of the Infinite Deities of Paradise Trinity Endowment.

Adonai beloveds.

Be bold.

Be courageously affixed with the Universal Wholeness .. and simultaneously transfigure all illusory separations.

I AM the Lord .. thou art .. in all Immaculate Emptiness from every ill and error.

Hold not thyself apart from Me. Gain thine worthiness and release thine wantonness.

I say to those with a transformable mind and heart..

I come to demonstrate what ye are already in truth.. in potentiality.  Now ye come forth and arise into Him with full determination and desire to be God the finite Supremacy of Deity in time and space. 

This requires that ye embrace everything as a living member of thine Body Universal. Embrace and accept the grandest hierarchy and galactic expression as well as the smallest and apparently insignificant creature; for truly all are precious in My Consciousness and Divine Sight. None are less important than another. All are inseparably One Supremacy of Deity.

I come to resuscitate My teachings and to give witness to Truth in all ways.

Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation


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