The Michael Of Nebadon Publications Trust

Thou children of Mine Universal Trust .. the Endowment of Consciousness given to you by the Father's grace .. this is thine Life. He has entrusted you with Himself through the bestowed Spirit of His Life in you.

Keep well of Him. Tender thine affections upon Him in every way possible. Adore and acknowledge His existence in you .. and as thine nature and identity.

Never hath it been said unto you that I address you, beloved,  in ways that are soft nor weak; I speak from mine Comforter Spirit of Truth in saying to you once again .. I have come to emancipate thine intellect and to illuminate thine heart into valors of victory and vision.

Be not swayed by the evils of this world which come to thee and speak utterances of nonsensical tumult .. of persuasions to have you become weak and afraid .. willful and in doubt. These premonitions by those who are naught .. who have made themselves unrecognizable by the Father's Reality .. they attempt to disturb thine trajectories of Spirit. 

They are frivolously unaware in their dreamy delusions which have been drawn forth from the worldly ways wherein pure unadulterated character is mocked and their allegiances with love are tainted by their lack of true vision.

They would have you join them in their blindness of heart .. and their blandness of stature. They advance but nowhere into nothing of essence.

Yet .. Instead .. arise and be exceeding glad that ye have found thine way into the greater light and the luminous life of the One Father Source.  For I have come into the world to reveal truth unwaveringly.  To demonstrate the potence of holding reciprocal spiritual communion with the Universal Father Son Spirit of Infinite Promise.

It is the mark of thine destiny to exhale thine misqualified conditions upon the cross of His remembrance.  To walk as the Sovereign Shepherd of Destiny and Discipleship with Me. Verily .. I have come unto you to stir thine conscience into Absolute Rhythm and Infinite Pulsations of bliss and joy untold.

True .. I do ordain thee into further perplexities and puzzling inner phenomena that quickens thine sensibilities and stirs upwards thine aspirations. I come to give you reasons for surrender and sacrifice of mortal tendencies and habitual inclinations that do not lead you to your happiness and hopefulness .. but instead these lesser attentions keep you enthralled by your lowest nature and your confused identifications.

Yet .. I come to enable thine character .. to raise you into prosperity and progressive advancements of divine splendor. To lift you up into true radiance and beyond the ridicules of failure and separation from Life Itself.

I come to inspire your wits .. and to make true men and women of you each one. Harbor no longer those erroneous designs of mortal confusion which provoke you to stand against thyself .. but instead .. begin to perceive true meanings and everlasting purpose in Our Divine Association and eternally Sovereign Fellowship.

I AM thine Father Son .. thine Friend Eternal .. and truly thine Supremacy of Selfhood which vibrates you into your Immortal destinies.

Michael Sananda Esu
Michael Of Nebadon

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The Michael Of Nebadon Publications Trust

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