The Hour Cometh

The hour cometh when men and women of the earth shall come to know of My Comforter Spirit. They shall know of My presence upon and within the earth at this time.

They shall proclaim .. "Behold we are His followers of Truth and Love and Eternal Justice. We are with Him in our minds and hearts and bodies physical. We desire to be the inheritors of His wisdom and faithful conviction .. His righteousness of Heart and Mind .. His rightful motivations to fulfill the great law of our being, and to learn the artful science of walking as One with the Living Impulse of the Father's Glory.

"Behold we are taking up our personal cross of misqualifications .. and we are strengthened in our resolve and rectitude to shepherd our error into the Kingdom of the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Nebadon.

"Behold we are desirous for the Father's Initiatory Life to become expanded in us. We are cooperatively willing to collaborate with the Universal Administration of the Second Center and Source through the Holy Comforter of Michael.

"Behold we are facilitators of the Will of Heaven and we are one with the Planetary Host.  The Father shall bless us in our living of His Visionary Ideal of our Pure Faith-directed daily  dedication and devotions to unearth our densities and to quicken all thoughts and feelings into the higher Mind of the Buddha and Christ Universal of our very own being."

In that hope-filled hour when men and women become entranced by My Father’s bountiful Kingdom in themselves .. they shall be standing with the Host from which they have long departed aeons ago, and they shall taste of the sweet elixir of His unending peace and the opportunities to advance their Paradise Career into our Universal Fellowship together which leadeth each personality mind and soul into their graduation ceremonies .. Universal Citizenship.

I AM Michael of Nebadon
Father Son Personified
The Hand of God the Sevenfold
Infinite Mother Spirit Unified.

Michael of Nebadon
Michael Sananda Esu
Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter


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