Seven Eyes of Eternal Attainment

The Opening of the Seven Eyes of Embracing Eternity Exercises awakens and refines the Seven Seals which unveil the disciple to the spiritual promise of eternity.

The Seven Powers of the Seven Eyes of the Embracing Eternity Exercises:

Invisioning Faith Imagination

The Fifth Power of the opening of the Seven Eyes Is Invisioning.

Invisioning awakens the mind into the more abstract thought of the Christ Mind.

It develops
Right perception
Divine Insight
Intuitive Direct Sight
... and the Abstract Initiatory Thought of Life

These are the next phases of development for the human being to progress into.

These sevenfold daily powers allow your seven basic chakras to spin within the speed of light taking the body upwards in its vibratory activities.

These free will powers awaken the disciple by opening their field of consciousness and unveiling them  from the density of misqualifications and materialization the Seven Seals of your Garment of Immaculate Immortality.

Our Kumara Yoga of Salvington is your intensification of focus with these Seven Eyes. It shall be raising  the disciple into accessing the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Nebadon.

The Seventh Power of the Seven Eyes is the Invitation to the Universe Mother Spirit Nebadonia and the Host of Heaven.

Here are a few Invitational Decrees which draw into thine field of density the Holy Spirit; raising this field of density into a living field of receptivity for receiving the Father's Bestowal Spirit and the guidance of the Comforter I AM.


"I AM Pure Indigo Violet Fire .. I AM thou Indigo Violet Flame"

"I AM Thou Indigo Sapphire Fire .. I AM Pure Sapphire Indigo Flame"

"I AM Pure Crystalline White Fire .. I AM thou Crystalline White Flame"

"I AM a Being of the Pure White Ray .. I AM One with Serapis Bey"

"I AM a Being of the Violet Flame .. I AM One with Saint Germain"

"I AM Thou Golden White Fire Love .. I AM thy Unfolding Intelligence from Above"


Michael Sananda Esu
Michael Of Nebadon

Worldwide Communion and Fellowship with the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter of Michael Of Nebadon


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