Omniscience Cometh to Humanity

Humanity moveth in its evolutionary progression as a race into the perfect blending of personal religious experience blended .. coupled .. built out of .. science .. Omniscience .. omni .. science .. beloveds.

This is religious experience which is not entirely from outside of the personality .. but it stems from righteousness of Virtues and Values which determine Vision. Humankind has lost its vision .. it's pure unadulterated vision and purpose. 

Meaning has become opinionated and tainted by assumptions and adversity.

Yet .. now .. I have determined with the Persons of Infinity . . to establish Mine Administration upon the earth. And there is not a thing of mortality that shall prevent Mine coming.

I bid thee .. come hither into Our fellowship association together.  Be ever about availing thyself of the Father's Initiatory Thought in you. His Thought is Perfection Itself.

It is the much sought after Kingdom of Heaven upon the earth coming through each and every earthly Kingdom. All temporal kingdoms shall give way to My Father’s bountiful Kingdom which I AM establishing in the hearts and minds of every creature great and small.

All are absolutely precious in Mine Sight; for I AM at once and the very same time .. an Omnipotent Beam of the Father Son Personified and the Ocean of the Supremacy of Deity.

I love you each and all... exactly alike from My Universal Station of Trinity Endowment Trust.

Michael of Nebadon
Michael Sananda Esu
Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter


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