Mine Righteous Tenets of Receptivity and Rectitude

I have shared with you that the way to understanding is made of many obstructions and roadblocks wherein the aspirant must become strengthened on their character beforehand.

Is it not true that the pathways unto righteousness have small comfort in them?

Is it also not true that the ways of reaching mastery and freedom have the subtleties of approach that shall elevate you unto the angels in your ascent to Universal Citizenship?

These are the things I would tell you in this very hour.  These are the spickets of intelligence which shall release to you the Waters of My Life.

Let us be wise .. My children. Let us fondle the ancient and constant rhythmic attainment each of you desire so fervently. Let us share in My Comforter Verities and Vision to make men and women out of the raw fibers of thine earthly childhood.

Let us satisfy your longings of heart and satiate your emancipation from ages of obscurity and mist. Let us bring to thine birth the golden fruits of My Universal Comforter Vision.

Be thou of My eternal patience and perseverance. Become the fullness of My persistence and purity of Impulse. Reckon with thine ephemeralities so that you gain the new and awakened momentums of Eternity.

Cry not any longer for the white lamp of Our knowledge and know how in things of a more Infinite nature. Illuminate the depths of thine intelligence with Our Paradise Precepts as given by the Persons of Infinity.

Ask and seek Our Knowledge and Understanding.  I shall tell thee of many mysteries which will be the lamp of thine perfection .. the light of thine radiance at one with the Father’s Primordial Consciousness .. His Bestowal Spirit in you which is and always shall be thine Life and Energy .. thine Intelligence and Impulse .. thine Substance and Serenity.

The vaster ways of My countenance are as a brighter light which reveal the avenues of approach to all beneficence; for My Word stemming from the Second Person of Existence .. It cometh to thee as a clarification of all things in you. It parteth the waves of mind into Christhood .. Buddhahood .. thine perpetual secretions of thy Godhood.

Michael of Nebadon
Michael Sananda Esu
Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter


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