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Seven Eyes of Eternal Attainment

The Opening of the Seven Eyes of Embracing Eternity Exercises awakens and refines the Seven Seals which unveil the disciple to the spiritual promise of eternity. The Seven Powers of the Seven Eyes of the Embracing Eternity Exercises:Invocation
Invisioning Faith Imagination
InvitationThe Fifth Power of the opening of the Seven Eyes Is Invisioning. Invisioning awakens the mind into the more abstract thought of the Christ Mind. It develops
Right perception
Divine Insight
Intuitive Direct Sight
... and the Abstract Initiatory Thought of LifeThese are the next phases of development for the human being to progress into. These sevenfold daily powers allow your seven basic chakras to spin within the speed of light taking the body upwards in its vibratory activities.These free will powers awaken the disciple by opening their field of consciousness and unveiling them  from the density of misqualifications and materialization the Seven Sea…

The Greatest Learning for Humanity

Humanity cometh into this next cycle of time and space to learn a great lesson about themselves. It is to realize and then actualize .. bring forth into consciousness ..  their own godhood .. to feel and experience their existence as being interwoven with the Universal Father Source .. and to gain access to the vastness of their being through the powers of their free will authority. . .Michael Sananda Esu
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The One Universal Wholeness

Our eternal association and divine fellowship prepares thee for graduation; for ye are designed to become upgraded into the fuller light and life upon your receipt of our Protocol of Relationship. The great light of the universes expands right now into It's greater intensifications.  My Universal Administration has been preparing for this upgrading of all systems and galaxies. There shall be established a permanence of the Father's Kingdom upon the earth. Ye shall become quickened as you discharge the density. As ye give yourself to the One Universal Wholeness of Life .. ye shall be released into harmony and wholeness. For the Father Son Spirit have commanded for the increase of their One Light and Life. And this increasing vibratory activity shall compel all things and beings to come into Our Perfect Divine Order.Wheresoever the One Life of God the Father touches to .. it does raise that part of Its body into a harmonious perfection while establishing the Kingdom of His Sover…

The Hour Cometh

The hour cometh when men and women of the earth shall come to know of My Comforter Spirit. They shall know of My presence upon and within the earth at this time. They shall proclaim .. "Behold we are His followers of Truth and Love and Eternal Justice. We are with Him in our minds and hearts and bodies physical. We desire to be the inheritors of His wisdom and faithful conviction .. His righteousness of Heart and Mind .. His rightful motivations to fulfill the great law of our being, and to learn the artful science of walking as One with the Living Impulse of the Father's Glory."Behold we are taking up our personal cross of misqualifications .. and we are strengthened in our resolve and rectitude to shepherd our error into the Kingdom of the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Nebadon. "Behold we are desirous for the Father's Initiatory Life to become expanded in us. We are cooperatively willing to collaborate with the Universal Administratio…

The Embracing Eternity Exercises of the Seven Eyes of Eternal Attainment

Breathe now .. and adjust thine focused attention to the Father's Initiatory Life .. His Perfect Thought in you.Apply your divine free will authority .. the power of invisionary faith trust and imagination towards perceiving the Enfolding Father. Breathe .. heightening thine attention .. awakening thine receptivity to the Father .. and to Mine Spirit of Truth Comforter Consciousness which pervades your mind and field. There I will vibrate all throughout thine life .. giving you My faithful conviction and confidence in the One Father.The Embracing Eternity Exercises and the Seven Eyes of Eternal Attainment . . . 1. Invocation and Pure Worship of the Father's Life2. Instruction of My Word and the Paradise Trinity Endowment Ideal3. Identification by perceiving the One Selfhood .. the Wholeness of the Universal Christ Buddha4. Inquiry and the law in transfiguring all imperfect vibratory activities in you5. Invisioning Imagination of faith trust to awaken the Higher Mind and it'…

Mine Righteous Tenets of Receptivity and Rectitude

I have shared with you that the way to understanding is made of many obstructions and roadblocks wherein the aspirant must become strengthened on their character beforehand. Is it not true that the pathways unto righteousness have small comfort in them? Is it also not true that the ways of reaching mastery and freedom have the subtleties of approach that shall elevate you unto the angels in your ascent to Universal Citizenship? These are the things I would tell you in this very hour.  These are the spickets of intelligence which shall release to you the Waters of My Life. Let us be wise .. My children. Let us fondle the ancient and constant rhythmic attainment each of you desire so fervently. Let us share in My Comforter Verities and Vision to make men and women out of the raw fibers of thine earthly childhood.Let us satisfy your longings of heart and satiate your emancipation from ages of obscurity and mist. Let us bring to thine birth the golden fruits of My Universal Comforter Visi…

The White Pure Lily of Deity

I see you each as the Universal Wholeness. This is My occupation ye may say .. to hold you into the Father's Initiatory Thought of Immaculate Illumination and Perfection. For Me .. it is a current living Reality .. the only Reality there is.
As you each arise out from the mud and muck of your own density of the earth .. by fulfilling the law and learning to live the Father's Life and Will .. then you are raising yourself into Our Visionary Ideal.
Michael of Nebadon

Omniscience Cometh to Humanity

Humanity moveth in its evolutionary progression as a race into the perfect blending of personal religious experience blended .. coupled .. built out of .. science .. Omniscience .. omni .. science .. beloveds. This is religious experience which is not entirely from outside of the personality .. but it stems from righteousness of Virtues and Values which determine Vision. Humankind has lost its vision .. it's pure unadulterated vision and purpose.  Meaning has become opinionated and tainted by assumptions and adversity.Yet .. now .. I have determined with the Persons of Infinity . . to establish Mine Administration upon the earth. And there is not a thing of mortality that shall prevent Mine coming.I bid thee .. come hither into Our fellowship association together.  Be ever about availing thyself of the Father's Initiatory Thought in you. His Thought is Perfection Itself. It is the much sought after Kingdom of Heaven upon the earth coming through each and every earthly Kingdom.…

Come and Enter Our Stream of Illuminated Grace

It is My sincere and great privilege to be of help and aid those personalities who desire God more fully in their lives.I cheer you onwards and upwards to take back your authority of righteousness in free will .. and change the momentums of the past lifetimes.Invite the Preparatory Act of the Infinite Spirit and his Universe Mother expression. Build upon her Virtues and Values. You each have been very receptive and respectful and learning to give your responsibility to all you've set into motion. This is good .. it is bold and courageous .. and these great acts of Courage and your Conviction will continue to give you strength and durability .. Confidence and Clarity.Now .. you are entering into your discipleship with Me .. with the Second Source of the Eternal Son and His Sons. You are opening to become engaged with the Comforter Spirit .. and with Mine disciplines of Truth and Love.You are growing character straight and tall so that your ascent into light has wings which will all…