The Righteous Life of Authority

I teach a highly constructive confrontational approach towards your own human and divine conditions.

My approach is infused with the Cardinal Virtues of Nebadonia.

As you go forth in walking with Me into the Kingdom of His Immortality .. you are maturing your personality.  You are enhancing the soul values of eternity.

We have entered into this new age of Accountability wherein each becomes the Sovereign Shepherd through the Sevenfold Powers of Authority .. their own free will authority to qualify the Life of God the Father,  to redeem and requalify all their lifetimes of errors back into His Purity, to harness the powers of their attention and awareness of Consciousness by which to magnify the Absolute .. magnetize themselves into the Protocol of the Universes .. and create new momentums which raise Life into lasting Freedom.

Hence, each must attend to their own accountability . . .

Begin with love and acceptance of the God Life you hold within you .. then apply thine wisdom intelligence in only making real the Immaculate Life of God while reembracing your errors and misqualifications.

This will give you the undiluted strength and clarity and conviction to become one with the Inner Impulses of His One Power.

Your decisions will be then .. His decision. Your acts will be His acts. Your capacities for this unconquerable Love and unconditional acceptance will skyrocket in their usefulness.

Blessed are they who take with sincerity My words; for in their sincerity shall there be unveiled a sweet surrender .. a sacrifice of the  unreal immature things .. a selflessness will be dissolving themselves into the Universal Absolute of their own God Life Bestowal.

Then shall you be of service in your activities.  Only this can offer each personality mind and soul and body the direction of scintillating purpose, fruit bearing meanings for living, and a life of Sovereignty and ultimately, Significance.

Michael of Nebadon
Michael Sananda Esu
Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter


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