Prepare Thee for Greatness and Grandeur

As ye shall give thyself into the Father's Initiatory Thought of Perfection .. His Presence in you .. He shall overflow into your personal mind and emotions.  He shall gradually erase your errors which have caused you pain and struggle in every way.

Be cultivating Worship and Wisdom of the Universe Mother Spirit. Contemplate Her Virtues and Values. These are the template which is the blueprint for creating a mind and personhood which is prerequisite for growing thine soul energies into receptivity.

...and thine receptivity preparations come before our sovereign discipleship can blossom in you. Before ye are receptive to Mine Comforter Being surrounding thee .. ye must create thine soul vessel by elevating all thoughts and feelings into fuller maturity.

I come here and now to bring thee forth with Me into the Kingdom of His Righteousness and Identity .. His Honor and Humility.

Taketh My Universal Hand in the Comforter Spirit of Truth. Walk with I and the Universe Mother Spirit .. with the administration of the Planetary Host. Prepare thyself for graduation into divine maturities of more Cosmic proportions.

I AM Michael of this universe .. Father Son Personified .. to reveal to you Mine Way .. Truth .. and Life.

Michael of Nebadon
Michael Sananda Esu
Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter


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