Mine Origins at the Core of Existence

I am a modern Universe Son .. sophisticated in the ways of your world and tempered like the strength of steel in My adherence to God's Law and Will; for ye shall not find Me sitting only upon a mountaintop in the rags of olden times. Nor shall I be imprisoned in the stagnant waters of misperception regarding My Spirit Personality.

Yet .. always am I to be discovered in the gentle sweetness of righteousness and rectitude .. respect for the One God Life that I AM  .. and immersed in the everlasting attunement with mine Origins at the Core where there is to be found the Infinite Persons of Trinity Paradise.

I am not one to be found wearing showy flowing robes nor open-toed sandals from times past. At this time in your earth's history ..

I AM a modern man with the utter humility of serving the Wholeness of Life ..  and one who is .. as well .. the personified presence of the Father Son in My nature and identity .. my purpose and consciousness; for I know Myself as the Totality that we share .. and I AM given the responsibility to guide all creatures within this mine domain universally.

Yet .. I am one who knows your challenges of heart .. and as a visiting member of your race .. I am known to have entered deeply into your systems of living to gain thine perspectives and to capture in My being thine experiences of evolutionary progression.

I have paid mine dues of entering into your daily experiences .. living  upon thine mortal shores  .. and partaking of humanity's quest for security and stability .. harmony and happiness .. wholeness and peace.

Be natural beloveds. Be ever honest with thine gift of personhood. Attempt not to make thine presentation to the world as one who is already perfected in all ways.

Take up thine cross with humility and dignity .. honor and the goodly accounting for your life experiences .. be they tragic or delightfully joyous.

Embrace all things that arise .. and ye shall find in your horizons a destiny of fulfillment and happier times.

The greater perfection is attainable only through discipline and obedience .. and your daily applicable focus upon the Kingdom of God's nature shall position you for the more abundant Life everlasting as the days change to night and as the orb of the planet spins upon its concentric axis...

Michael of Nebadon
Michael Sananda Esu
Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter


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