The Eyes of the Universal Absolute.

As you follow in Mine way and truth and life .. you are beginning to see the perfection of divine Justice at work in your life and surrounding appearance world.

The Father's Absolute Law which establishes Harmony Absolute in  your life surroundings is not to be negotiated with; for ye are destined to align with Him and His Will of Being .. through this great Law of cause and effect through total accountability for everything you have set into creation in your life .. your relationships .. your ways of earning monetary supply in the world .. your interactions with yourself and all others .. these will all begin to reflect the harmony that you are resetting into your life by obedience to the great Law of God our Most Loving Parent.

All responses from others .. all actions that you give and receive back .. you actually can control by giving yourself completely to God's Omnipotent Fire of Love.

Give to Him all the control .. and then .. allow Him to restructure your personality mind and emotions in alignment with Him.

Then .. He creates anew all things in harmony and love which the world simply cannot touch.

Invite Me in the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter to reach you and reveal to you .. your Truth in all ways .. to deepen your faithful conviction and trust in God in order to give more of yourself to His Life in you .. and to elevate your thoughts and feelings closer to His glory and honor .. to heighten all your intuitions .. your insights .. your perceptions .. so that you shall know that you Know. You shall experience what and who you are in the Eyes of the Universal Absolute.

Mine Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter is your always attentive guide and teacher whether I am here with you in the garment of flesh or even after I have reexpanded back into My full station in this universe .. always will I .. thine Mother Nebadonia .. and the Planetary Administration of the Host of Heaven be with you attentive to you as you sincerely appreciate your Life .. the God Life I AM.

Michael of Nebadon
Michael Sananda Esu
Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter


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