Impressions and their Surrounding Expression

The inner world that we create and the outer surrounding world of appearance is truly one thing. The human civilization does share a collective expression which is made up of the collective impressions of the population majority.

...and when we transfigure the inner misqualified impressions .. lo and behold .. the surrounding outer expression changes accordingly with those changes. Each .. the expressions and their seeds of inner impressions are exactly .. precisely the same qualities and vibratory activity. our College .. I do teach the mastery of the Mirror of Veils .. Mastering your vibratory activities inwardly produces remarkable outer changes so that, you never need to manipulate, control, nor abuse the outer circumstances and the people you are involved with.

The strengthening of the virtues of your divine insight and spirit perceptions are grown out of your communion and atunements as I have taught you .. then you shall have the clarity and higher sight to be able to perceive the outer expressions of your own inner impressions which remain in most people hidden to their awareness until "something in their surroundings becomes a crisis".

Yet, ye are not meant to wait for a crisis to occur, but through the Authority of your Life and Consciousness and the daily embracing eternity exercises of the Kingdom, you can stay ahead of the curve and begin to clear all things up through these Sevenfold Powers of Grace and Mercy and Love .. even before your misqualified conditions ever appear in your outer expression and life surroundings.

I bid ye concentration of thoughtful communion with the Comforter Spirit .. the Infinite Mother Spirit .. and the command of Love asking for your own godhood to expand and establish Himself in you.

These are the Sacred C's .. the Cardinal Virtues of the Spirit of Truth.
The Sacred C's of the Comforter are to be developed daily in you:
Conception Immaculate

...and, lastly .. becoming the great Coordinator and Conductor of your own Sovereign Discipleship together with the Protocol of the Universes.

This is to evolve thyself into acting as the Sovereign Shepherd of your personal world and consciousness.

Michael of Nebadon
Michael Sananda Esu
Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter


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