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Impressions and their Surrounding Expression

The inner world that we create and the outer surrounding world of appearance is truly one thing. The human civilization does share a collective expression which is made up of the collective impressions of the population majority....and when we transfigure the inner misqualified impressions .. lo and behold .. the surrounding outer expression changes accordingly with those changes. Each .. the expressions and their seeds of inner impressions are exactly .. precisely the same qualities and vibratory activity. our College .. I do teach the mastery of the Mirror of Veils .. Mastering your vibratory activities inwardly produces remarkable outer changes so that, you never need to manipulate, control, nor abuse the outer circumstances and the people you are involved with. The strengthening of the virtues of your divine insight and spirit perceptions are grown out of your communion and atunements as I have taught you .. then you shall have the clarity and higher sight to be able to p…

Thine Seventh Power of the Kingdom

Thine Seventh Power of the Kingdom is Invitation which is asking in full faith conviction and trustful accountability.Paradise Bestowal Spirit I AM .. expand thy grace and forgiveness in me, through me, by me, for me, and as Me.Quicken all the Substance of my body .. mind .. and emotions .. higher and higher into the perfection of your Absolute Qualities and Character. Raise my personal consciousness into the Universal Consciousness of wholeness and happiness and harmony. I am willing to account for all my misqualified conditions and their energies in me from every lifetime of experience. "I AM Indigo Violet Transfiguration Fire .. Supreme Christ Will and God Desire. "Michael of Nebadon
Michael Sananda Esu
Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter

The Eyes of the Universal Absolute.

As you follow in Mine way and truth and life .. you are beginning to see the perfection of divine Justice at work in your life and surrounding appearance world.The Father's Absolute Law which establishes Harmony Absolute in  your life surroundings is not to be negotiated with; for ye are destined to align with Him and His Will of Being .. through this great Law of cause and effect through total accountability for everything you have set into creation in your life .. your relationships .. your ways of earning monetary supply in the world .. your interactions with yourself and all others .. these will all begin to reflect the harmony that you are resetting into your life by obedience to the great Law of God our Most Loving Parent.All responses from others .. all actions that you give and receive back .. you actually can control by giving yourself completely to God's Omnipotent Fire of Love. Give to Him all the control .. and then .. allow Him to restructure your personality mind…

I Michael, stand with the Planetary Host and the Mother Spirit of Nebadon

Mine children .. believe that I am come into your planetary domain .. to help you arise into a more bountiful life in the here and the hereafter.

The Mother - Nebadonia - and I, we have observed and attended to your evolutionary progress from the beginnings. We have sought to cultivate your approach to the fuller Life of the Father who presides gracefully within thine terrestrial consciousness. He is the Life presence that you have within you, and which you are destined to become eternally one with.

Seek and aspire for truth and love; for these qualities are truly within your grasp. They are not far off away in a distant land, but thine capacity to behold thine godhood resides close by. Begin to learn of Our Virtues and Values and Vision for all creatures who aspire survival of personality, and the developing growth of their soul essence in alignment and purpose with the One God.

Aspire to reach the Higher Pastures which are filled to overflowing with Grace and Mercy. Draw into your huma…

Create thine Field for His Grace Comes Swiftly

Contemplation of the Cardinal Virtues of Nebadonia is the very first step to prepare the field for planting the seeds. A Daily Watering of thine field coupled with the warming nourishment of the sun's rays  comes each and every day with the Embracing Eternity Exercises. Contemplate .. the Virtues of Worship .. Wisdom .. Counsel .. Courage .. Understanding .. Knowledge. These do till the soil making it nutrient rich to absorb the Water of the Father Son Life and the Sun of Intelligence Wisdom. And as the soil becomes tilled and planted with the seeds of great promise .. the good farmer cometh to further prepare his field with Mine Comforter Spirit of Truth. In these Universal ways .. the Presiding Father's Life takes greater hold to allow the very Life Vegetation to appear. The Father's Life flourishes when the field is thusly prepared and readied. He easily penetrates thine mind and body; for the weeds and deadly brush have been removed by the authority of thine individual…

Absolute Purity and Everlasting Illumination

Thou Great Infinite Ocean of Primordial Omnipresent Omniscience .. I AM thine Body Divine .. oh Absolute God of Purity and Perfection. I pour out of Mine Omnipotent Being the Immaculate Substance of all Being. I give to Humanity My Faith Conviction and fully developed Confidence in the One Almighty God Force.Illuminate humanity from all it's illness of mind and heart .. overwhelm and conquer the people's  rebelliousness and resistance; this so that the race consciousness may become elevated and refined in it's stature.Thou Infinite Mercy Eternal that I AM .. give us this day the bread of thine understanding knowledge.  Bequeath us with the strength and courage to choose wisely and with discernment. Saturate our being with the Virtues of Nebadonia .. the Universe Mother Spirit Holy Spirit. Let each one who craves freedom find their way to thine Truth that I AM; for I continue to offer human life thine way of ripening. I and the Planetary Administration of the Host of the  H…